Buying a home is a big investment – probably one of the biggest purchases a homebuyer will make in their lifetime. It is important to make sure that the home not only lives up to your standards, but also will stand the test of time…or at least provide you with some perspective about future potential repairs you may need to do.

A pre-purchase home inspection is the perfect solution to finding the truths about a home, its structure, and overall condition from a reliable, licensed, and unbiased third party with no stake in the sale of the home.

The general pre-purchase home inspection process consists of the following steps:

Find A Home Inspector

Homebuyers working with realtors are often referred to a home inspector with whom their realtor has worked in the past, and they have the choice to use that home inspector, or select their own. It is important to make sure the home inspector you hire is licensed to conduct a full inspection; this will ensure all aspects of the home you are thinking about buying have been properly analyzed and reviewed.

The pre-purchase home inspectors of AcuSystem Inspections are fully licensed to perform home inspections in the state of Florida, and are ASHI and InterNACHI certified. All of our inspectors are also certified to conduct mold and pest inspections, as well.

Prepare Questions

At this point, homebuyers have likely done a walk-through of the home, and are interested in making an offer or starting negotiations for the sale of the home. During your walk-through, you may have noticed aspects about the home that have generated questions that the realtor or the seller may not have been able to answer. Make a list of any questions you may have about the home, including any concerns that arose during your walk-through. Many common questions include:

  • The life expectancy of a major appliance, the roof, or the HVAC system
  • Whether a crack in the floor is from settling or a foundation issue
  • If a burned-out bulb just needs replacing, or if there is a deeper electrical issue
  • Where the main water or electric shut-off valve is located

Attend The Inspection

It is highly recommended that the potential homebuyer attend the pre-purchase home inspection. This opportunity allows you to address all of your prepared questions, and see each area of the inspection completed under your supervision. You can learn how to operate and maintain your potential new home – without having to decipher it on paper when the report comes in. A pre-purchase home inspection can:

  • Provide homebuyers with the chance to learn where important functions of their future home take place, such as where and how to change air filters, where the electrical breaker box is located, how to turn off the main water valve, how to access the attic, etc.
  • Reduce concerns that may seem serious on paper but have already been addressed – like water spots on the ceiling caused by an old leak in the roof (if, for instance, clear signs of repairs can be seen on the roof, and the ceiling only needs a coat of paint to cover up the old marks).
  • Provide general maintenance advice to minimize or remove superficial items from the home inspection report (such as repainting a wall that is scuffed up, swapping out a flickering light bulb, or applying some lubrication to a noisy door).

After The Inspection

AcuSytem Inspections will complete and email you a full, detailed summary report of your home inspection within 24 hours of completing your inspection (in many cases, by later the same day).

Be sure to review the home inspection report in detail, even if you were on-site for the inspection. If you are working with a realtor, they will also receive a copy of the report, and it is recommended that you discuss the results with the realtor with whom you are working.

A home inspection does not pass or fail a home before it can be sold. It is merely a tool that helps prepare homebuyers to fully understand the extent of the home’s condition before they commit to purchasing. Your realtor will help you identify key areas from the home inspection report that can be used to negotiate during the homebuying process.

If, after reviewing your home inspection report, you have any additional questions, concerns, or don’t fully understand a meaning of a particular notation made, do not hesitate to contact us for answers. Our main goal is to help people understand one of the biggest purchases of their lives.