The Importance Of Mold Inspections When You Suspect Mold

Mold in a home or business can be both harmful to the structure of the property and those who are inside of the property. Mold is often very toxic and damaging on all fronts and having a mold inspection can help to prevent mold growth or cure growths that are present. What Causes Mold To Grow? Signs of water damage or water intrusion are the most common culprits of [...]

What Your Tampa Home Inspector Can & Cannot Tell You

So, you’re looking to have a home inspected; here’s some insight on information you can and can’t expect to receive from your home inspector and some tips for you to get the most out of your home inspectors visit. Tips for Gaining the Most Knowledge from the Home Inspection as Possible: Follow the home inspector through every step of the process. Ask questions and if you are unsure on [...]

5 Questions To Ask Your Tampa Home Inspector

What Does a Florida Home Inspection Entail? A standard home inspection is a "visual examination of the readily accessible systems and components of a home". The inspections are non-intrusive and rely mainly on the eye of the home inspector with what they see/ don't see. A home inspector will never move around furniture or the personal belongings of a client. A home inspector will also never take pieces of [...]

3 Ways To Prevent Mold In The Home

Tips for preventing mold growth in your bathroom, kitchen, and other mold hotspots. Mold infestation of the home can be a costly and disastrous event. In addition to the required repair to floors, walls, and damaged furniture, mold can also complicate existing health issues such as asthma or cause flu-like symptoms and respiratory issues after prolonged exposure. It is vital to reach out to a professional mold inspection company [...]

Signs You Need A New Roof

Roofs are typically long-lasting, many holding up for 25 years or more; however, that doesn’t mean they are immune from damage. Weather, storms, and lack of routine maintenance can cause a roof’s lifespan to shorten. How do you know when it is time for a new roof? These five scenarios are some of the most common indicators a new roof is needed. Age of Roof As we mentioned, roofs [...]

Benefits Of A Pre-Listing Inspection For Home Sellers

When you are planning to sell you home, there is a checklist of things to do—contact a realtor, prep the home for listing photos, and determine your asking price. One thing to add to your checklist is having a pre-listing home inspection done. Pre-Listing Inspections Can Prevent Surprises Homebuyers will most likely opt to conduct a home inspection before they complete the purchase of a home. In this inspection, [...]

3 Methods To Improve Energy Efficiency At Home

How To Effectively Lower Your Energy Bill Your monthly energy bill may seem like the cost of fuel has skyrocketed; you haven’t changed your usage but the amount you owe each month is increasing or higher than you think it should be. Sound familiar? While the cost of energy has fluctuated in recent years, the most common cause behind rising costs is actually your home. As your home ages, [...]

Fire Pit Safety Tips For A Tampa Winter From A Home Inspector’s Perspective

As the New Year approaches and the weather continues to stay cool in the evenings, you may be preparing for a bonfire or an outdoor gathering around a fire pit in your backyard—or you already have and are planning another. As a homeowner, there are a few important things to consider before lighting the fire—considerations you may not have made because they come from the perspective of a home [...]

5 Essential Elements of a New Construction Inspection

New build, no problems—right? That is what you would expect, and for the most part, it is what you get. But you don’t know for sure until you have a professional home inspector verify your new build is up to code and without major issues. Do I Need A Home Inspection With New Construction? Yes, it is in your best interest to have one done. Any errors in the [...]

What Is Checked During a Pre-Drywall Inspection

Over the last decade there were nearly 7 million homes built, including one and a half million custom built homes according to National Association of Home Builders, and even with 2020 being a year most of us would like to forget, home building hasn’t slowed much. That’s quite a few new construction homes that hit the market—hopefully, these new home construction buyers opted for an inspection! Although new construction [...]

Why A Commercial Building Inspection Is Crucial Before Buying A Business

While many Florida business owners may lease the property they operate from, many others still purchase the building and/or the lot. There is a risk in purchasing a commercial building, especially if you are starting out or expanding your business. A major repair need could put you out of business, so before your close the deal on the commercial property, request a commercial building inspection. Just as when buying [...]

What Should I Look For In A New Construction Walkthrough?

The Multi-Point New Construction Final Inspection and Walkthrough Guide For Buyers Buying a new construction home is an exciting journey—you have the chance to build your dream home and options to get it fully move-in ready. From selecting built-in shelving and designing the ideal layout to selecting wall colors and flooring, the home is perfect, right? Before the final closing and exchange of keys, there is a final [...]

Do I Need A Home Inspection With New Construction?

The short answer is yes; you should have a home inspection conducted on a new construction house. While the home may be brand new, it may not be without its flaws—and flaws can become quite costly in the long run, especially if you are unaware of the looming issue. How Important Are New Construction Home Inspections? Like a regular home inspection, a new construction inspection is an unbiased, third-party [...]

Is An Inspection Required For Homeowners Insurance?

In Florida, home inspections are not required by law; however, most home buyers are aware, or are made aware during the buying process, of their right to have a home inspection done before following through on the purchase of a home. Also, many lenders require one as part of the process for qualifying for a loan. It is in a new buyer’s best interest to have a home inspection [...]

Why Is My Homeowner’s Insurance Going Up?

You may have recently received a notice from your homeowner’s insurance about your policy renewal and your new premium for next year. While many homeowner’s pay their homeowner’s insurance through escrow, it is important to review this information and see if your policy’s premium has increased. If your homeowner’s insurance did increase, there may be a reason why and something you can do about it. Why Is My Homeowner’s [...]

Does A Foreclosed Home Need A Home Inspection?

Foreclosed homes and short sales are a common enough occurrence that it is not unusual for a potential buyer to come across them while home shopping. Recent events pertaining to the pandemic may cause the number of short sales and foreclosures on the market to increase and more buyers unfamiliar with purchasing these types of homes may be wondering, “Does a foreclosed home need a home inspection?” The short [...]

5 Things You Should Know About Your Smoke Alarms

October is fire safety month, and you may have seen some reminders on Facebook from your local fire department or city officials to run through a few basic safety checks to ensure your family and home are safe. The end of the year is also a great time to review all aspects of your home for updates, repairs, and any other potential safety issues. A surprise to many, [...]

When Was Last Time Your Septic System Was Inspected?

Did you know that as a homeowner (or soon to be homeowner) maintaining a septic system will be your sole responsibility—as well as handling any repercussions of failing to maintain your system? There is nothing worse than having to clean up backflow from a poorly maintained septic system—and depending on your insurance coverage, damage to your personal belongings or other property may not be covered. Whether you have been [...]

5 Reasons For An Annual Attic Inspection

An attic is the perfect place to look to find key issues with your home—it’s where problems like pests and roof leaks first show signs. Your attic can also hide other major issues, which is why it is vital to routinely inspect the area for potential problems. When you don’t have the time or desire—or prefer a professional to identify problems—then an annual home maintenance inspection is just what [...]

How To Know If Your Well Water Quality Is Safe

Water is essential to all life. Plants need it; animals need it; people need it. The human body is primarily made up of water (70%!) and can start shutting down if it goes just days without it. While water is essential, clean drinking water can be an issue for some—even right here in Florida. Contaminated well water can lead to a variety of illnesses: cholera, typhoid, lead poisoning, etc. [...]

What To Expect During a Tampa Wind Mitigation Inspection

Hurricanes can cause billions of dollars in damage—with the average cost per hurricane around $21.6 billion. This doesn’t account for the resulting damage caused by tornadoes or severe thunderstorms, both of which can result in millions in economic losses. The severity of Florida storms should never be underestimated by homeowners or property owners. Preparing your home, property, or business becomes a vital step in mitigate your potential losses. We [...]

Create A Hurricane Preparedness Plan for Your Home

With one of the more active hurricane seasons we have seen in a while, it is important to ensure you and your home are prepared in the event one of the storms decides to make its way closer to the Florida shores. For most Florida natives, hurricane preparedness occurs either year-round for some or last minute for others. While you can’t hurricane proof your home 100%, there are things [...]

6 Signs Your Home Might Have Water Damage

Water damage is more common than many people realize—affecting nearly 14,000 individuals’ home or business and costing the insurance industry around two and a half billion per year! These numbers may be higher than you expected but that’s often because most leaks go undetected until it is too late and a major problem is discovered. How to know if you have water damage occurring in your home: Check ceilings, [...]

Common Causes Of Cracked Foundations In Tampa Homes

AcuSystem Inspections has been performing home and property inspections for over two decades. In this time, we have uncovered a variety of hidden issues in a home, including foundation problems that affect the structural reliability of the home or building. When we see a potential concern, like a crack in the foundation, we are sure to inspect further to determine whether the crack was caused by settlement or if [...]

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