Tampa Home Inspector Advises Seasonal Well Maintenance Testing

We’ve discussed general home maintenance during the Fall season in our other blog, Indoor Home Maintenance You Should Be Doing This Fall And Winter, and even followed up with more tips in “Preparing for Fall and Winter: Home Maintenance Advice from a Tampa home Inspector.” Now we are going to dive even deeper to other aspects of your home that may not get a lot of attention, or maintenance—such [...]

Preparing for Fall and Winter: Home Maintenance Advice from a Tampa home Inspector

While here in Florida we don't experience seasons to their full extent, we do still have them, and those Fall/ Winter months are right around the corner. Preparing your home for the following months is a must, there are many checkpoints of our home that we must ensure are ready for the colder weather ahead. Maintenance your home for the fall and winter helps to ensure a longer lifespan [...]

Realtors, Are You Asking the Right Questions & REALLY Doing Right by Your Clients?

Home inspections are scheduled by Realtors, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Pro's and many other representatives for their clients. But these clients aren't always being represented to the best of their ability because they do not know the right questions to ask to be sure that they are perusing the best home inspector for their client. Aside from pricing and availability, the client’s best interest needs to be considered too. If [...]

Household Appliance Life Expectancies

How long until I need a new dishwasher? What is the normal time a garbage disposal work for before having to replace it? We have the answers for you! Our home inspectors have reviewed thousands of homes and receive continual education in our field—we’ve gotten pretty good at estimating the life expectancy of common household appliances. We’ve paired our training and experience with recommendations provided by leading manufacturers of [...]

Why Home Inspections Will Never Be Virtual

Covid has definitely shaken up our world as we know it. So many businesses and companies are now perusing a virtual route and working remotely. While that is a great way for many to continue to work and stay safe from the virus, that is not possible for every industry. The idea of taking a virtual route for home inspections was put out there in social media and immediately [...]

Dryer Vent Safety: 3 Practical Requirements Every Homeowner Should Know

Your dryer operates through a process of evaporation via hot air. The dryer blows hot air, heated by an electrical heating element or gas burner depending on your dryer set-up, over the clothing as it tumbles around inside, enabling an even dry across each piece of clothing. The evaporated water (water vapor) becomes airborne, is pulled out of the dryer and exits the home through an exhaust duct/dryer vent. [...]

10 Most Common Issues Found In Home Inspections

Hundreds of thousands of homes get inspected every year. Whether it be for buying, selling, or just piece of mind for the homeowner, home inspections are done all the time. So, it is common for the same or similar issues to be present during a home inspection and lead us to recommend key areas for homeowners (and buyers) to pay particular attention to. Here are the top 10 issues [...]

How To Become A Licensed Home Inspector In Florida

As we approach the “Back To School” season, we thought we would change things up a bit for this blog and discuss a career as a home inspector. Collectively, AcuSystem Inspectors hold decades of experience and nearly as much in education and training—and that’s because our training and education has never ended. If you are interested in becoming a home inspector, it is important to note that you never [...]

Negotiation Tips For Investors Following The Home Inspection

So, you've placed an offer on a property and it’s been accepted, that’s great! But any good investor knows that that’s not the end all be all of buying a home. Being able to negotiate the results of your properties home inspection is the neck hurdle you face. Negotiating the results of the inspection are very important as an investor and below are some tips for how to best [...]

5 Home Inspection Defects That Should Send You Running

Before buying a new property, the pre-purchase home inspection is a very important piece of the process that can leave the buyer feeling a series of mixed emotions. Almost always, there a little thing here and there that need to be fixed or corrected and that if expected because no house is 100% perfect. But if you see any of the following problems arise from your home inspection... consider [...]

Summer Home Maintenance Tips For New Homeowners

Maintaining your home is the best form of a prevention plan for the many different parts of your house that need some checking up on from time to time. Keeping a maintenance plan in place prevents important structures of the home from costly repairs in the long run. The summer is a great time of year to acknowledge those parts of your home that need checked up on. The [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About New Construction Inspection

A new home construction inspection is "an independent, third party inspection to ensure that the work completed is in compliance with plans, specifications, and the construction schedule". After a new home has been built, many various parts of the home that could have been seen during the construction of the home are secured and those are not covered under the inspection. It is important that a home is inspected [...]

Scariest (and Craziest) Things We’ve Seen During Home Inspections

Not every home is the same and not every home inspection always goes according to plan. The 30 years of AcuSystems Inspections being in business there have been some pretty crazy experiences that our home inspectors have had while on a clients property. Those crazy experiences have turned into some great stories and in this article I am going to share the weirdest and scariest home inspections that I've [...]

Top 5 “Fails” For A Building Inspection

When having your building undergo an inspection, it’s important to know what they will first be looking for. Spotting those red flags on your own prior to your building inspection can save you and your home big time. The following are the top fails for a commercial building inspection: Structural movement If your property is showing signs of major pieces that need repaired this is a sign of structural [...]

7 Things Tampa Home Inspectors Look For Before Anything Else

Selling your home? After the offers come in its time to get your home inspected and there are somethings to do know before that inspection. Your homes inspection can change a lot about the selling of your home. Home inspections can lead to price negotiations, repair requests and sometimes even loss of interest by the buyer. While no one has a perfect home, there are some ways that you [...]

Tips To Prevent Inspection Delays

The initiation of a home inspection happens rather quickly after a buyer signs their Purchase Contract—closing is usually 30 to 45 days from the signing date. Which means you have about a month to have the home inspected and handle other aspects of closing (such as a home appraisal, submitting financials to your lender, packing your belongings, etc.). Things can easily become hectic in this time frame, so we [...]

Why Realtors Recommend Acusystem Inspections To Their Clients

Your recommendation, your reputation—backed by our exceptional service. One of the primary recommendations a realtor makes is for home inspection services. As a real estate agent, your recommendation is weighted heavily when given to a client—and the service provided by your recommended home inspector can strongly reflect back on you. We understand it is important for you to have reputable home inspectors within your network to use for [...]

Should Your Seller Have a Pre-Listing Inspection Done?

Pre-listing home inspections are not required when listing a home, but they can help to keep any surprises from coming up during the listing process. No matter how long your seller has lived in their home, there could always be an underlying issue hiding within the walls and a pre-listing inspection can help identify them—or put worries to rest. A certified home inspector performs a pre-listing inspection; it is [...]

The Relationship Between Your Home Inspector and Real Estate Agent – and What it Means for You, The Buyer

Buying a home is a process and the relationships you have with your buyer’s agent and home inspector can help make the process move along a lot smoother. It is important to have a positive relationship when working with a home inspector or real estate agent. You and Your Buyers Agent Your buyer’s agent is your form of guidance when it comes to buying your home. They will set [...]

Tips For Realtors And Their Sellers Preparing For Pre-Listing Inspection

A home inspection can be a vital tool when selling a home—it’s not just for potential buyers. A pre-listing inspection can help your client to determine areas of concern or repair and remove any surprises that could be used as price negotiation points during the home sale process. While it is important to allow the home inspector to be nit-picky when going throughout your home to ensure a thorough [...]

The Other Home Inspection Your Buyer Should Consider

Many are familiar with the term 4-point inspection but not many know what a 4-point inspection consists of. There is a difference between a home inspection and a 4-point inspection; a 4-point inspection is more geared toward the home’s health in 4 areas: electrical, HVAC, roof, and plumbing whereas a home inspection reviews over 400 different aspects of a home. Home Insurance and 4-Point Inspections Home inspections are not [...]

Should Real Estate Agents Attend the Home Inspection?

As a home inspector, there is no say so on our side as to whether you (the real estate agent) should or should not attend the home inspections. There are both Pro's and Con's to attending and this decision is first made by the states rules and then made by the agent or what the homeowner wants. In Florida, the real estate agent is not required to attend the [...]

How Realtors Can Help Their Clients Prepare for the Home Inspection

Preparing for a home inspection doesn't have to just be a job for the homeowner. A listing agent can help take some of that pressure off the homeowner by helping to get the home ready for its inspection. What can you do as a listing agent to help your client? Your job as the realtor in the home inspection process is to help alleviate conflict and negotiations. A home [...]

Can Offering A Home Warranty Help Sell A Home?

Home warranties are a safety net when buying a new build and a wild card when it comes to buying an older home. How can you (the realtor) know when to push for that warranty when your client is buying a home or if offering one will help sell the home? This article is going to help you make the right decision together with your client whether to offer [...]

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