HVAC Duct Leakage Testing

HVAC and air conditioning systems are a vital source of survival for Floridians, and it may seem like these cooling devices are running around the clock. While the outdoor elements may be to blame, there may be other causes for your A/C until to be continuously working—and that’s leaky air ducts. When the cool air meant for your home is escaping into your attic and beyond, your air conditioner must work that much hard to cool your home.
HVAC Duct Leakage Testing Service Available In Tampa
Rips and tears can occur over time from many sources, such as clumsiness moving through the attic, critters finding their way into your attic or crawls space where your duct work is, poor installation, or old and worn installation and sealing. Not only do leaks in your ducts lead to an overworked A/C unit (and likely more maintenance), but it also means that you will have higher energy bills and diminished air quality. Leaks in your duct don’t just let air out, it also lets the hot, humid Florida air in, which puts your home at risk for increased moisture and mold.

HVAC Duct Leakage Testing Service Available In Tampa

Resolving many of the above issues are primary reasons why residents contact us to have their HVAC ducts inspected for leaks. HVAC duct leakage tests may also be used to judge the quality of a new duct installation.

What to Expect During a HVAC Duct Leakage Test

A duct leakage test requires pressurizing your duct system with a specially calibrated fan. Typically, a blower door will also be installed to ensure accurate readings. Changes in air flow though the fan are made, and measurements are taken on the effect the air flow has on the pressure inside of the duct system. The readings taken from this test are used to confirm if there are leaks in the duct work.
Inspections available with detailed inspection reports.
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