Mold Inspection

Mold Inspections are a separate inspection from other home or building inspections, typically conducted when the primary inspection of a home, office, building, or new construction shows definitive signs of water intrusion, water damage, water leaks, physical presence of mold, or other conditions that encourage the growth of mold.
Tampa Home And Mold Inspection Experts
Having a mold inspection completed when signs indicate a high chance of mold growth can either provide peace of mind that the issue was stopped before it could get worse, or it provides information on the extent of the mold issues and areas that are affected, including areas that are hidden from view (like inside the walls).

Mold Inspection Process

During a mold inspection, a visible inspection of the premises is conducted by a Certified Mold Inspector—both the interior and exterior—to identify signs of visible mold growth. The inspector also identifies conditions ideal for mold growth such as cool, damp, and dark areas.
After visible signs have been identified, we begin to check for hidden and hard-to-see mold growth. Often water intrusion is not noticed until it is too late, and mold can be present behind walls long before signs of water damage appear, like softened drywall or water marks.
Using specialized infrared thermal imaging equipment, we check for mold behind walls and take humidity and temperature readings throughout each room. A radio-wave moisture intrusion probe is conducted to identify mold growth in areas that are hidden from view and/or difficult to access. Special attention is paid to the following areas where mold growth is most common:
Laundry Rooms
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System)
When imaging devices and mold detection equipment detect mold behind a wall, a visible confirmation of mold growth is often determined by cutting out a small section of drywall to see the depth of mold growth on its backside. Areas where mold are discovered are noted, photographed, and a mold testing and remediation plan is written out and provided to the client in a digital hard copy, as well as a copy of the full mold inspection report.

Tampa Home And Mold Inspection Experts

AcuSystem Inspections is dedicated to assisting homeowners and commercial building managers to identify mold problems and provide remediation advice to recover from the damage mold can cause. All AcuSystem mold inspectors are Certified Mold Inspectors and Florida Licensed Home and Building Inspectors. With over 30+ years of experience, we’ve seen it all, and work hard to continue our education in the field to address all issues during a mold inspection.
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