Advantage Of An Acusystem Home Inspection During The Winter

While some may shy away from getting their home inspected during the winter, here at AcuSystem we encourage it! The cold definitely poses some temperature challenges, but it does not restrict us from being able to perform an exceptional inspection on your home. We also hold the benefit of living further south, where temperatures don’t drop nearly as far, leading to fewer challenges than our northern counterparts may experience.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Get Your Home Inspected In The Winter?

The cold weather can cause stress to our homes—like pounds of oak leaves dropping onto roofs or covering backyards—which could potentially cause unknown damage. Sometimes, this damage is not revealed until temperatures heat back up for the spring and summer when people are more willing to go out and perform extensive yard work.

Cold months also cause pests, like termites, to hide and mold to slow its growth—other hidden dangers that a trained inspector can look more diligently for signs of during a winter home inspection. It is also easier to detect drafts and insulation failures in the winter than it is in the spring or summer. During the summer, attics can reach extremely high temperatures that make it hard for home inspectors to find concerning areas. In the winter, those areas of concern are more easily found through cold spots or drafts.

Why You Should Choose AcuSystem Home Inspections

If found, these concerns can be addressed immediately rather than months later when temperature changes make the damage more obvious. AcuSystem Inspectors are ASHI and InterNACHI certified and have over 30 years in the industry. We know where to look and what signs indicate potentially major concerns—regardless of the time of year or weather.

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