Commercial HVAC Test & Balance

HVAC testing and balance is the process of conducting various test with specialized tools to make sure that an air conditioner is delivering air through the building equally and not blowing too hard or too little in a particular area or room.
HVAC testing and balance process of conducting
  • Air balancing hoods are placed at each register to measure the air flow and volume and a rotating vane to take measurements of the air flowing through the whole space.
  • We use Hygrometers to take a measurement of the humidity level of the air being exerted and to measure the systems temperature.
  • Manometers are used to measure the HVAC system pressures.
  • A duct traverse is conducted with a thermal anemometer—which measures the air velocity.
In addition to the above tools and tests, an indoor quality measurement may also be taken if necessary.

Post-Construction and Existing HVAC System Testing and Balance Available

HVAC testing and balancing is an important final step following the installation of a new home or commercial HVAC unit to ensure optimal functioning and efficiency of the new unit. It also verifies a correct installation, which can be a peace of mind for builders ready to be done with the job and buyers ready to move forward with using the space. HVAC testing and balancing can also be conducted on existing HVAC systems to verify the unit is exerting the proper air flow throughout the home and air pressure within the duct system. The results of the findings are provided in a final report to show how well, overall, the system is functioning and where improvement is needed.
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