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Florida State Home Inspector License # HI4057

We are a veteran-owned company with over 30 years of experience in home and building inspections and insurance reports. We believe your most expensive purchase should come with peace of mind! That’s why AcuSystem provides a Buy-Back Guarantee as well as other warranties to ensure customer satisfaction. AcuSystem Inspectors welcome and encourage our clients and real estate agents attend the inspection. This allows us to address any concerns our clients might have, and to walk them through the process as we go through the home or building. We enjoy answering their questions and helping them feel confident in their purchase. Our customers learn a lot about their new property and how to maintain it. Our 30+ years of experience allow us to put things in perspective, including tips on how to approach repairs.

Types of Inspections We Perform

Building & Strengthening Network Relationships
AcuSystem Inspections believes in taking part in our local community by staying connected with our fellow business associates. We are members of GTAR (Greater Tampa REALTORS®) where we are held in high esteem by many Tampa real estate agents. Our commitment to building relationships also expands to the Brandon, Riverview, and Lakeland areas, where we are members of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce, Riverview Chamber of Commerce, and have strong relationships within the Lakeland Realtors Group.
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Certifications Warranties & Guarantees
Each of our property and home inspectors are licensed to perform inspections by the State of Florida and are certified members of the two most prominent home inspector associations—InterNACHI® and ASHI. We have also obtained our Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) for drone inspections, and have a Mold Inspection Certificate and Pest Inspection Certificate among the following specialized certifications and additional trainings as well:
home inspectors are licensed to perform inspections
home inspectors are licensed to perform inspections
home inspectors are licensed to perform inspections
home inspectors are licensed to perform inspections
home inspectors are licensed to perform inspections
We are committed to providing excellent service and stand strongly behind our work. We offer the following warranties and guarantees with our home inspections:
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Commitment to Continuing Education

While our ASHI and InterNACHI® memberships require us to maintain a certain level of continued education each year, all our building and home inspectors maintain double the annual training requirements required of them. We also take advantage of the opportunities provided to us through these memberships to attend industry seminars and educational courses.

We are also highly committed to providing a team-oriented workplace, a place in which each inspector is encouraged to share unique and complicated inspections of homes and buildings so that we can all share in the knowledge gained from such an inspection.

Community Involvement

AcuSytem Inspections does more than just provide a variety of home and building inspections to the residential and commercial residents of Central Florida. While we are dedicated to providing the most thorough inspection reports for our customers, we find it to be even more important to give back to the communities we service.

AcuSytem Inspections, as a company and as individual employees representing our brand, takes part in or has dedicated our personal time to several community centers and charity events.
Our Involvement
AcuSystem Inspections also gives back to the neighborhoods we serve by ensuring we provide equal opportunity employment for those in our community, especially adults with autism.
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