Termite & Pest Inspections

Yearly pest or termite inspections are vital for early discovery of pest activity on your property, which can help avoid the potential for damage on a significant scale and costly repairs. Termite and inspections also evaluate the conditions which make the property prone to such pests, and our inspectors can provide tips to reduce the risk of termite and general pest infestation. A vast majority of homes in mainland Florida are at risk from pest and termite attack due to the state’s climate and popular building materials.
We suggest a competent termite or general pest inspection at least once a year as a preventative measure; however, those who have previously had a termite infestation, pest problem, or are at a high risk for one, may want to consider inspections twice a year.

What Goes Into A Termite Inspection?

Termite inspections are a specific inspection to identify signs of termite presence and an evaluation of the damage caused by the infestation.
Performing a termite inspection may not be obligatory for real estate transactions; however, do not wait until you try to sell your property (or have already started the buying process) to discover there is a termite issue. Termites are very typical in Florida, so it is more of a matter of “when,” not “if” a termite infestation will occur. So, make an appointment now with AcuSystem Inspections if you:
Think you might have a termite issue in your business or home.
Plan to buy property and require a termite inspection as a condition of sale.
Wish to avoid a termite infestation before it begins.
Plan to sell your property and wish to attract more buyers with a clean termite record.

Here’s what you can expect from AcuSystem Inspections’ Certified Pest Inspectors:

Physical inspection of both the exterior and interior of your structure for any activity of wood-destroying insects.
We will be assessing evidence of the existence of termites. This includes damage to wood, exit holes, termite droppings, molted wings, and mud tubes.
Determination of regions outside and inside the structure which could attract termite infestations. This might include moisture around the foundation, standing water, tree branches overhanging structures, wood mulch near structures, and any wood features of the structure which are buried in or touching the soil.
Checking the soil around structures and foundations, particularly by typical entry points, for indications of termite presence.
Inspections are typically completed in less than an hour but can vary based on the conditions and size of your structure.

What Goes Into A Pest Inspection?

Pests can be detrimental to the health of your home or business structure as well as to those who reside at or spend time inside your building. A pest inspection is a more general search for indications of bugs or other creatures, such as rodents, that may have infested a building.
A pest inspection is a good idea when:
You are about to list your property and wish to attract more buyers with a pest-free report.
Have noticed signs (such as droppings) of a pest infestation but have not identified the pest or seen one.
A home inspector sees signs of pests or conditions of the home are favorable for a hidden infestation and recommends a more thorough pest inspection.
Here’s what you can expect from AcuSystem Inspections’ Certified Pest Inspectors:
Physical inspection of both the exterior and interior of your structure for any activity of pests common to your region. This includes looking for indications of wood destroying insects, spiders, ants, wasps or other stinging insects, carpenter ants, snakes, rodents, and cockroaches.
We will assess any evidence of the existence of such pests. This includes damage to wood or drywall, nests, droppings or scat, and molted wings or skin.
Identify attractants outside and inside the structure which entice and increase risk of pest infestations. This can include identifying standing water, tree branches or plant foliage too close to the structure, wood mulch, and accessibility into garbage bins.
Checking the grounds around structures and foundations, particularly by typical entry points, for indications of regional bugs.
Inspections are typically completed in less than an hour but can vary based on the conditions and size of your structure.
Comprehensive Inspection From Tampa Pest Inspectors
Your business or home symbolizes a considerable investment. When pests invade your building, they can cause costly damage which threatens the integrity of your building’s structure. After you notice the evidence of pests, the harm they have caused can be wide-ranging. Further, most of the devastation they cause go unknown, hidden behind walls, until it causes catastrophic consequences. Early detection and prevention are necessary.
A complete written report is presented to you at the completion of each termite or pest inspection. AcuSystem’s termite and pest inspectors will draw upon knowledge about your place; from the building’s material to the weather and from the seasons to the surroundings. After a thorough inspection of your whole premises, inside and out, we will offer you
suggestions on the best solutions for your case. You can be rest assured our pest inspection reports are simple to read, factual, informative, and comprehensive as to the actual conditions present at the time of the inspection. So, what are you waiting on? If you wish to employ our termite and pest inspectors, call us now to get started.
Inspections available with detailed inspection reports.
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