Bacteria Free Inspection

Many businesses, especially those in the service and hospitality industry, those which cater to a vast customer base daily, typically find themselves concerned with effective hygiene and sanitation methods. To help our community and service regions stay healthy and keep their businesses running clean, AcuSystem Inspections has partnered with SanAir Technologies Laboratory to offer bacterial inspection and testing for businesses.
San Air Technologies Laboratory

Culture-Based Method

In an effort to assist business owners or managers in obtaining confirmation procedures utilized for sanitizing surfaces were effective, SanAir offers a culture-based testing and analysis. While we cannot test for viruses, knowing sanitized surfaces do not have any bacteria present can be an indication it is unlikely other microorganisms could remain viable on those sanitized surfaces.

Testing Process

Shortly following your cleaning and disinfecting procedures (including the use of virucide) when all surfaces have dried, your AcuSystem Inspector will swab the surfaces to be tested for bacteria presence. The swabs will be submitted to SanAir Technologies Laboratory for analysis. Laboratory results are completed with 2 to 3 days.

If bacteria are detected, the report will include a Total Aerobic Bacteria Count. If no bacteria are detected, your report will show “No Aerobic Bacteria Detected.” Samples can be tested for bacteria species and counts for an additional cost if business owners would like a more detailed bacterial analysis and report.

Request A Bacteria Inspection For Your Tampa Business

Contact AcuSystem Inspections to schedule your business' bacterial testing and get peace of mind your procedures for cleaning and sanitation are effective. Schedule routine testing and provide your report to customers and employees to reassure them your practices are designed to maintain their health and safety while on your premises.
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