The short answer is yes; you should have a home inspection conducted on a new construction house. While the home may be brand new, it may not be without its flaws—and flaws can become quite costly in the long run, especially if you are unaware of the looming issue.

How Important Are New Construction Home Inspections?

Like a regular home inspection, a new construction inspection is an unbiased, third-party evaluation of the home’s structure, major systems, and other features. It helps you understand the home you are buying and ensure that you are moving into a safe home.

Should any issues be revealed, you’ll have the documentation and support you need to go back to the builder to have the proper corrections made. Not only can this save you from expensive repairs down the line, this also ensures your home is move-in ready and won’t require a handyman for even the smallest of issues.

Common Issues Revealed By New Construction Home Inspections

It may be surprising to hear, but new construction homes have been found to have issues ranging from significant to minor when a new construction inspection was completed. These issues include:

  • Structural issues such as improper framing techniques and even foundation cracks.
  • Inadequate grading which can cause poor drainage away from the home and potential structural issues if left uncorrected.
  • Reversed hot/cold faucets, water leaks, high/too low water pressure.
  • Electrical shortcuts such as missing connectors, open grounds, loose wiring.

This isn’t to say all new construction homes will have issues, but it isn’t rare to hear of such issues being found, so opting for a new construction home inspections can help you prevent from taking on the headache of correcting any problems.

What Inspections Are Needed When A Building A House?

There are about nine different times a new construction can be inspected—each at varying times of the build schedule. Homebuyers should be most concerned with three primary times of a build: the pre-slab or pre-pour phase, the framing phase, and the final inspection.

Pre-Slab/Pre-Pour Inspection

This is the point where the foundation is ready to be poured but has not been done yet. Inspecting the build to this point ensures everything is set before the foundation of the home covers it up—like the plumbing, elevation and grading plans, and drainage.

Framing Inspection

This inspection occurs after the frame of the house has gone up—the “bones” of the home. In this inspection the following are analyzed:

  • Beams, bearings, studs, supporting frame
  • Plumbing and wiring
  • Placement and flushness of nails, screws, studs and plates
  • Stairwells, if any
  • HVAC system

Final Inspection

This is when the builder has said the home is complete and ready for move-in. This is your last chance to ensure the home was built to your specifications, building plans and codes, and were done error free. This inspection will be much like a regular home inspection with all major areas reviewed.

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