Our Inspectors

Oguz “Ozzy” Kavruk

Ozzy specializes as a Home and Insurance Inspector. Boasting an InterNACHI Home Inspector Certificate (CPI) and a Florida Home Inspector License, Ozzy ensures he performs every home inspection as if he were buying the home for himself. A house is an important investment. Ozzy always strives to be clear and honest with his clients, so they feel like they have made an informed purchase. Every inspection Ozzy undertakes is methodical and thorough to ensure he never misses any defects. When he’s not working and providing exceptional service, Ozzy loves riding his motorcycle, fishing, and spending time with his wife and two sons.

David Gonzalez

David is a State-Licensed Home Inspector, Mold Assessor, and Trainer who performs a range of inspections: Single-Family, Commercial, Insurance, and Mold. Education is one of the key factors of any inspection David performs. He enjoys providing information to clients on the best ways to maintain their property. Back in the office, he shares new experiences and skills learned on the job with the rest of the amazing AcuSystem team. David will crawl through a home from top to bottom to help protect his client’s investment. Prior to working as a vital leader at AcuSystem, David served in the Army and traveled all around the world. He loves living in Florida with his wife and children where he gets to fish, golf, and enjoy the wonderful weather.

John Kirby

Armed with his Florida Home Inspectors license, John specializes in Home Inspections, Apartment Building Inspections, and Commercial Inspections. John always ensures his inspection process is a fun experience, not just for him, but for his clients as well. Buying a new home is something to celebrate, and John loves to teach homeowners about their new property. Whenever he takes on a new project, John creates a game plan so every aspect of the property is considered in the inspection. In his free time, John loves to travel across Florida, learning about the history of building practices across the state. He also records travel videos with his wife and four children for their YouTube channel “Kirby Krew Adventures”.
Jeffrey Hughes
Jeffrey is a Florida State Home Inspector and an InterNACHI Certified Professional Home Inspector (CPI) who performs inspections on standard and manufactured homes. Jeffrey includes clients in his inspection process every step of the way, making sure they are always well-informed about the home they intend to buy. Education is important to Jeffrey, and he works hard to make sure homeowners feel informed and empowered. Jeffrey appreciates working alongside the dedicated inspectors at AcuSystem where they share a belief in supporting and learning from each other. When he is not working, Jeffrey creates music and spends time with his wife, three children, and their chocolate Labrador.
Charlie Ivans
Charlie is a Florida State Licensed Home Inspector who also specializes in 4-Point and Wind Mitigation Inspections. Communication is a fundamental aspect of every inspection Charlie undertakes. He helps every client feel comfortable and confident in their purchase by providing them with a well-rounded understanding of the condition of the home. By prioritizing a methodical and organized approach to every inspection, Charlie always makes sure no part of a home is left unaddressed. Charlie loves helping his four children with projects around their own homes and rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Lightning, and Rays.

Todd Schrader

Todd is an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) certified in both Wind Mitigation and Sewer Scope inspections. He performs a variety of evaluations, such as Home Inspections, Insurance Inspections, Roof Certifications, and Sewer Scope Inspections. Todd excels at rising to meet the unique challenges and problems presented by every new inspection he undertakes. Each one is different—a fact that Todd genuinely enjoys. He is always proactive in meeting the needs and expectations of his clients, ensuring they are supplied with an abundance of knowledge to make the best decision for them and their families. Todd enjoys playing golf and spending quality time with his friends and family.

Bobby Gann

Bobby performs Home, Wind Mitigations, 4-Point, Pre-drywall, and Blue Tape Inspections and he is certified in Wind Mitigation, Attic Insulation, and Home Inspections. Bobby knows the stress and anxieties buying a home can create. That is why he ensures his clients walk away with the best inspection experience they’ve ever had. On every project, Bobby provides his clients with a thorough inspection of the property’s structural and mechanical systems so prospective owners can walk away with peace of mind. Bobby not only loves his job because he can provide clients with a wonderful experience, but because he loves the wide variety of architecture and construction he gets to observe every day. On his days off, you can find Bobby golfing, kayaking, and spending quality time with his family.
Alex Uribe
Alex is a licensed home inspector who performs 4-Point, Wind Mitigation, Crawl Space, Well, and Pre-drywall Inspections as well as Roof Certifications. Alex focuses on providing detailed service based on the client’s needs. His goal is to offer excellent service so that the process is smooth and seamless. Alex prides himself on listening carefully to the client’s needs and is always respectful about sharing his knowledge in each situation. He achieves this by being both cautious and thorough when outlining the facts to clients and his findings from the inspection. Alex is a bilingual inspector who can provide services in English and Spanish. Born in Colombia and raised in New York, Alex is happily married with two beautiful children. Together, they love to spend time gardening and camping.
Brodie Gonzalez
Brodie puts his Bachelor’s degree in Communications to good use as the Marketing Director for AcuSystem Home Inspections. He believes it’s his job to give customers the confidence they deserve when buying a house. If the customer feels uncomfortable hearing about problems with the house, or the process becomes stressful and they hesitate with their purchase decision, Brodie makes it his number one priority to help calm them and give them their confidence back. Brodie enjoys meeting new people while marketing for AcuSystem and has become great friends with many of them. Brodie is part of a military family and moved to Tampa from Tennessee when he was young. Go Gators! In his free time, he likes to play football, work out, and work on his dream car - a Mustang GT.

Alejandra Collazos - "Alex"

Alex is the administrative assistant for AcuSystem and says the most important rules in providing excellent customer service are to be friendly, courteous, and understanding. She practices being an active listener to guide customers to the correct choice for their needs. Alex’s number one priority in the office is to know what products they provide that best meet the customer’s request. For fun, Alex loves to travel with her family both outside the country or on road trips in the US. Her favorite destinations teach her something new about the world’s history. Alex is happily married and has 3 amazing children. Her husband is Colombian, and she’s from Argentina (rivals in the soccer world, so it's a fun day at home when soccer is on!). Her family encourages her to be her best self every day!
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