Blower Door Testing

The blower door testing process determines the airtightness of a home and helps indicate the presence of any leaks present in the seals arounds windows and doors or other gaps in the structure of the home. This type of test can be conducted on any home but is a part of the inspection process for a new construction home.

A blower door is a type of fan with a calibrator that is installed over an exterior door of a home (usually the front door). It pulls air out from the inside of the home, causing the pressure in the home to drop. When changes in air pressure occur, air around the home will attempt to fill the pressure void in the home and pass through any openings it can find. If air can reinfiltrate your home during the blower door testing, it will affect the air pressure in your home, which will be indicated on the calibrator located on the blower door fan.

If your blower door test shows no changes to the air pressure, then the home is well sealed; however, if there were changes to the air pressure after the blower door test was initiated, then there are likely leaks.

Why Are Leaks In A Home An Issue?

The primary concern during blower door testing is air leakage in a home or building. If your home “leaks”, that is, allows outside air to get in, it also means your inside air can escape. This can be a great waste of energy, especially during seasonal peaks. If your air conditioning (or heat) is constantly escaping (or outside air can get in and affect the temperature of the home), then your HVAC system will overwork itself to maintain the temperature desired in the home. This can cause a high energy bill and additional wear and tear to your HVAC system.

Aside from ineffective energy usage, why is air flow a safety issue? During hurricane weather or a major storm, strong winds can affect the air pressure around and in your home, leading to safety and structural concerns when those strong winds are able to penetrate various cracks around seals, windows, and doors.

Blower Door Testing During New Home Construction

Blower door testing is also a vital step in the construction process to test the structural balance of your home or commercial build and to make recommendations to correct any structural concerns. We can as accurately gauge the air flow through narrow cracks and seams as we can through your open passageways. Let our experts test various critical points—especially around door frames—so you can be rest assured the leakage of air in your structure doesn’t exist at a dangerous level.

Blower Door Testing Company In Tampa Bay

When we come to you we’ll apply a consistent and measurable pressure to your building/home and grant you a comparison with other homes deemed as highly safe. In Florida, especially, air flow really must be calculated with caution and concern; obviously, we never know when another storm will hit. By calling one of our experts at AcuSystem Inspections, we can schedule a Blower door test to fit your construction timetable or personal convenience.
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