With Blower Door Testing the primary concern is air leakage in a home or building.  Aside from ineffective energy usage, why is air flow a safety issue? Imagine that during a hurricane season there is a major storm or even a Cat 3 nearing close to the Florida shores. You know rain and wind are coming which bring us to the concern of the effects high-air pressure can have on your home and safety when exerted through various cracks and doorways throughout the house.

That’s what the Hero Team inspectors at AcuSystem Inspections are here for: We have the knowledge, the equipment to measure, and the experience necessary to pinpoint areas of the house that need to be addressed. It is highly recommended for older homes to have blower door testing conducted to identify weak spots within your home.

Blower Door Testing is also a vital step in the construction process to test the structural balance of your home or commercial build and to make recommendations to correct any structural concerns.

We can as accurately gauge the air flow through narrow cracks and seams as we can through your open passageways.  Let our experts test various critical points – especially around door frames – so you can rest assured the leakage of air in your structure doesn’t exist at a dangerous level.

When we come to you we’ll apply a consistent and measurable pressure to your building/home and grant you a comparison with other homes deemed as highly safe.  In Florida, especially, air flow really must be calculated with caution and concern; obviously, we never know when another storm will hit.  By calling one of our experts at AcuSystem Inspections, we can schedule a Blower Door Test that will fit your construction time-table or personal convenience.