Recommending an Inspector

We are honored by the relationships we have with our colleagues in the real estate industry and any recommendation they provide to their clients for our services. We strive to provide outstanding service to all our clients to ensure that we not only look good, but we also reflect well on those who refer us.

Our Recommendation, Your Reputation—Backed By Our Exceptional Service.

One of the primary recommendations a realtor makes is for home inspection services. As a real estate agent, your recommendation is weighted heavily when given to a client—and the service provided by your recommended home inspector can strongly reflect on you. We understand it is important for you to have reputable home inspectors within your network to use for client recommendations and as a resource for accumulating industry knowledge.

Maintaining our status as a dependable resource and trusted home inspector recommendation are some of our driving reasons behind our continuing education and expansion of industry related certifications and awards. When you recommend AcuSystem Inspections, you recommend a company with values and a level of service that is reflective of your own commitment to providing excellent service.

Here are 7 reasons real estate agents in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas recommend AcuSystem Inspections for their client’s home inspections.

1. We Provide Education To Your Clients (And To You!)

We passionately believe in helping people understand their most expensive purchase. In addition to detailed reports, we also walk each home inspection client through the inspection process, highlighting concerns and explaining how some things work.

2. We Understand Timing Is Important

The sale of home can close quickly and making sure a home inspection is scheduled and conducted within enough time to withdraw, negotiate, or move forward is important. We are available by phone 24/7, serve 15 counties, have 20 certified inspectors, and digital reporting to serve our client’s needs in a timely manner.
3. Detailed Inspection Report
Based on experience and training, our inspectors will examine over 400 items in the home. We begin with the major, structural-related components and look at every appliance, the home’s electrical system, plumbing work, and all mechanical functions. Heating and air conditioning systems will be examined, and much, much more. A comprehensive report of our findings, with image documentation is provided digitally or in writing.
4. Put Worries At Ease
Our findings and recommendations are clearly communicated in a straightforward and non-alarming manner. We want our home inspection clients to leave with understanding of the home’s needs, not panicking. We also provide a 90-day Home Warranty to further put them at ease.

5. Continued Assistance And Education

We understand that not all clients may have questions at the time of their inspection or that new questions may come to mind after the inspection is complete. We are always available to answer out client’s questions.

6. Ongoing Training And Education For Our Inspectors

Each of our inspectors receives continuing education and training in the industry best practices and standards. As time passes, codes and other standards may change, and we make sure we are on top of the latest of those changes to ensure our clients receive the best from us. Our team currently holds 6 Certifications and has 4 awards for service, among other benefits we provide to our clients.
7. Our Code of Ethic—Plus, We’re Certified, Licensed, And Provide Warranties And Guarantees
AcuSystem inspectors are trained to honor a Code of Ethics and meet specific Standards of Practice set by home inspector organizations we are a part of; we go further and deeper into each home to find the real condition of the house. By performing our inspections in an honorable way, remaining true to the inspector’s Code of Ethics, we ensure that if you recommend us to prospective homeowners, everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.

AcuSystem also offers homeowners a 90-Day Warranty on parts and equipment for the repair or replacement of appliance and major home systems. And, if we miss a detail, ask about our Buy Back Home Guarantee that states if we miss anything in the inspection process, we’ll buy back the home at the full purchase price! If that’s not enough to show our commitment to our customers, we also uphold the InterNACHI $10,000 Honor Guarantee.
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