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In the heart of Hardee County, Florida, where the charm of rural living meets modern aspirations, our team of home inspectors takes pride in being the go-to professionals for comprehensive home inspections. For those seeking home inspections in Hardee County, our commitment is unwavering – ensuring that your homebuying or selling journey is founded on transparency and thorough assessments. From Wauchula to Bowling Green, our skilled home inspectors bring local expertise, meticulously examining every facet of a property. We understand the unique aspects of Hardee County's real estate landscape, and our inspections reflect this insight. Whether you are a buyer aiming for confidence or a seller wanting to present your property in the best light, our home inspections in Hardee County prioritize your interests, offering a reliable foundation for informed decisions in this picturesque Florida locale.

If you are looking for a home to buy in Wauchula, Bowling Green, or elsewhere in Hardee County, you’ll need to know a bit about the area—and have a reliable and licensed home inspector you can trust to provide a home inspection on your potential new property.

About Hardee County

Hardee County was created in 1921, from a portion of the original DeSoto County, and named in honor of Florida Governor Cary A. Hardee. Other names originally considered for the county included Wauchula, Goolsby, and Cherokee. The earliest settlement of the area began in April 1849 when the Kennedy Darling Indian Trading post was established on the area that is now Payne’s Creek Historic State Park. Hardee County was home to the first cattle ranchers, livestock, and cowboys. The Florida cowboys were among the first in the United States and were eventually dubbed “crackers” because of the cracking sound their whips made as they herded cattle. Today, Hardee County is known for its large citrus groves, prize-winning livestock, and rich soil. In fact, the area is also known as “Bone Valley”, an area containing most of the richest phosphate deposits in both the United States and the world! Unlike much of the rest of modern-day Florida, Hardee County remains largely undeveloped and offers the perfect retreat for those who are looking for a slower-pace quality of life. If you were to read Patrick D. Smith’s classic novel “A Land Remembered” you may be surprised to find that Hardee County still looks a lot like the image of Old Florida that is portrayed in the book. Hardee County residents are proud to live in a community where children still walk to school, housing is both desirable and affordable, neighbors are friendly, and there is plenty of land, clean air, and clean water, and businesses succeed with an optimal labor force and a low overhead. Hardee County offers small town living at its best!

Home Buyer Information

  • Hardee County consists of 3 cities
  • The Average Home Listing Price in Hardee County is $222,000
  • The Average Home Listing Price Per Square Foot in Hardee County is $130
  • The Average Home Selling Price in Hardee County is $180,000
  • The Average Home / Apartment Rental Price in Hardee County is unknown
  • The Median Household Income in Hardee County is $38,682 per year

Community Information

Local School Information

The School District of Hardee County is committed to fulfilling their mission of being “an organization committed to student Achievement, Accountability, and Academics. Hardee County schools do this by remaining focused on their motto “empower and inspire all students for success” every day. Serving more than 5,250 students in their 11 public schools and 75 students in their 5 private schools.

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