End of Home Warranty Inspections

Does your home builder warranty on your new construction house expire soon? Have you conducted your own thorough home inspection yet to file claims before it is too late? If not, you might be at risk for holding responsibility for expensive repairs!

Did you know a large number of construction faults are ignored, go unnoticed, or are dismissed by the homeowner for three to five years, yet the coverage for the majority of building materials in a home builder warranty expire after just a year? Thus, having your property inspected by a certified home inspector before any part of your home builder warranty expiration can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars in future repair expenses.

What is Covered in a Home Builder Warranty?

It is common practice for home builders to include a warranty for their work on a new construction home. The terms of this warranty are typically grouped into timeframes based on the type of work covered. Under a home builder warranty, a buyer of a new construction home will often receive:
  • One-year warranty on materials and labor (tiles, paint, drywall, shingles, etc.)
  • Two-year warranty to cover mechanical failures (HVAC, electrical, or plumbing systems)
  • Ten-year warranty that covers structural defects
These warranties may include responsibilities for the homeowner to adhere to keep the warranty valid such as timely maintenance.

End of Warranty Inspections from AcuSystem Inspections

To deal with the needs of new homeowners today, AcuSystem provides End of Home Builder Warranty Inspections. Our inspector will perform a detailed home inspection before your home warranty runs out and provide you with a tailored and detailed report of any current or possible issues.

As an impartial, third-party inspector who doesn’t do corrective work or work for the builder, we have no vested interest in concealing issues. Each of our inspectors will only provide findings based on objective knowledge, experience, and the requirements set for in the Florida Home Inspector Standards of Practice.

Our end of warranty inspection, like traditional home inspections, covers over 400 items; it includes a careful inspection of every component and system within your home. Every visible defect will be recorded, including (but not limited to) contractor and manufacturer errors which can be hard to find with an untrained eye.

This “last chance” inspection could save you hundreds and even thousands and offer you peace of mind. An inspector will generally spend at least 2.5 hours checking the business or home and might suggest further assessment if there are any suspected problems (like mold or termites). Homeowners are highly encouraged to accompany the inspector and make any queries so they can understand more about their home. So, do not miss this amazing opportunity to have your new property evaluated professionally while it’s still within the builder’s warranty. Expect to get peace of mind and comfort knowing your investment will last for years. Feel free to get in touch with us to get started!
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