Fall And Winter Home Maintenance Advice From A Tampa Home Inspector To Share With Your Buyer

While here in Florida we don't experience seasons to their full extent, we do still have them, and those Fall/ Winter months are right around the corner. Help your buyer prepare their newly purchased home for the following months by providing them with this checklist. There are many checkpoints of a home that we must ensure are ready for the cooler weather ahead. Maintenance of the home for the fall and winter helps to ensure a longer lifespan of the property and can save money in the long run. 

The following are some areas that our Tampa home inspectors agree are important areas to look out for this season that can help your client become ready to be a responsible and proactive homeowner.

Inspect Fireplaces and Chimneys

Yes, even in Florida—there are many homes we have inspected with a working fireplace, so this tip applies to our Florida residents. Ensure the chimney is clear of blockages, especially if you plan to use it when the evening nights dip towards the end of the year.

Inspect Exterior Dryer Vents and Dryer Hoses

This home maintenance tip should be done at a minimum of once a month, but more often isn't a bad thing—in fact, checking it quarterly or as seasons change can help homeowners identify and rectify potential concerns. Clogged dryer vents and hoses can affect energy efficiency, dryer efficiency, and can be a fire hazard.

Check Your Home's Heating Systems

Before you turn on and use your furnace this winter, have an HVAC specialist perform a general maintenance check. This will help prevent an emergency call to HVAC repair when the temperatures drop in December and January. When not used frequently or very often, unknown issues or maintenance needs can lead to furnace failure when it is finally used.

Dusting vent for air conditioning filter in ceiling

Check Your Air Ducts to Ensure They are Clean

This boils down to ensuring that your home is prepped against seasonal changes—and the allergies that often come with it. Clean air ducts work more efficiently at not only cooling but also cleaning the air as it passes through HVAC filters.

Check Windows and Doors

Poorly sealed windows and doors can lead to a loss of energy efficiency and warmth in the winter months. Verify all doors and windows are sealed properly and while inspecting, check to ensure locks are still working and that any glass is still intact (no chips, cracks, or “fogginess” between panes that could indicate bigger concerns).

Check the Roof for Missing Shingles or Damage

August through October are often busy months for hurricanes and tropical storms in Florida. Even when storms pass us by, we often see changes to the weather as they pass—high winds and rainstorms that might cause damage to roofs. A quick check during the fall can help you catch potential causes for leaks. Also, be sure to clean out the gutters while you have your ladder out! 

Want More Tips? Check out other indoor home maintenance you should be doing this fall and winter.

Interested in having your home’s annual maintenance checklist developed by a team of licensed professionals? AcuSystem Inspections can help! Our Annual Home Inspection reviews all major areas of a home, and our home inspectors can provide you with a prioritized maintenance list, so you not only know what needs to be taken care of but what needs your attention most!

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