The list of things to do as a homeowner always seems to be never ending. We’re here to help pile on that list and ensure you haven’t forgotten anything important to complete as we approach cooler months. Preparing for winter in Florida may be a bit different than our counterparts up north; however, home maintenance is still necessary no matter where we live. Don’t forget to review our list of Outdoor Home Maintenance Tasks as well!

Dust and Clean Vents and Ductwork. Over time your intake vents and ducts will collect a buildup of dust and will need a good cleaning. This will help reduce the overall dust in your home and in the air. You may need the assistance of a professional HVAC technician to thoroughly clean your duct work—and prevent accidental tearing during cleaning.

Program Your Thermostat. You likely have your thermostat programmed for your “away” and “at-home” preferences for summertime—and these may not be the preferred temperatures for the winter months. Be sure to review your settings to provide comfortable temperatures during the coming cooler months.

Clear Your Drains. Check each of your sinks, showers, and tub drains for any slow drainage. Now is the perfect time to get to work unclogging the drains in your home.

Review Bathroom Conditions. Warm (around 70 degrees) and humid temperatures are the perfect conditions for mold—these conditions are still present during most of Florida’s winter and should be a precaution taken by all homeowners year round to prevent. Mold growth is common in bathrooms where hot showers can lead to ideal growth conditions.

Check Attic Insulation. If your home is at or below the standard level of insulation, you may want to consider adding more insulation or at least checking for air leakage in your home to guard against higher energy bills as you try to warm your home. AcuSystem Inspectors can perform energy audits, review your attic insulation and conduct Blower Door Testing to identify weak spots in your home.

Guard Against Fire Hazards. Dry weather conditions are perfect for accidental fires. Clear dryer vents, registers, and outdoor areas of debris (e.g. lint, dry leaves) that could contribute to a fire.

Winter is also a good time to consider an annual home maintenance inspection report. During these inspections, a certified home inspector reviews the main areas of your home, including appliances like your water heater and HVAC system, and compiles a list of important tasks to complete in order to keep your home well-cared for and reduce expensive repair bills. By conducting an annual home maintenance inspection, you can identify minor concerns before they become major concerns. It can also be beneficial when you sit down and review your homeowner’s insurance to see where you need to make changes in coverage or limits. Contact the home inspecting pros at AcuSystem for a thorough home review to help you stay on top of your homeownership tasks.