Wind Mitigation Inspection: Types Of Features That Are Examined

A wind mitigation inspection is a specific type of inspection that is outside of the scope of a traditional home inspection. Wind mitigation inspections focus on the “storm proofing” features your home has—this is why it is sometimes called a windstorm mitigation inspection. A certified inspector will review your property in full to identify and note any features of the home that help it withstand extreme weather. These inspections are not required prior to purchasing a home or homeowner’s insurance. It can provide you with valuable insight into your home’s ability to hold up during a storm (a good thing to know in a hurricane-prone state) and could provide you valuable savings on your homeowner’s insurance if your home was built with one or more features that are considered highly durable during a storm—your home is at a lower risk for needing to file a claim following a major storm or hurricane.

Primary Features That Are Considered Weather-Withstanding Rooftop

One of the major aspects of your home that is examined during a wind mitigation inspection is your roof. The style/shape of the roof, how it is attached to the home, the way the roof was sealed to keep water out, and its age and condition are all things that are noted about the roof’s weather-withstanding abilities.

Roof Covering

This is the material your roof is made of. The inspector will take note of this as well as its age and current condition.

Roof Geometry

The shape of your roof can affect how well the roof can withstand high winds. Some roofs, like “Hip Roofs” are considered highly windproof because they are low, have a minimal overhang, and are more aerodynamic.

Roof-Deck Attachment

This describes how the shingles of your roof are attached to the roof deck (tar, staples, nails, etc.) and how the roof deck overall is attached to the rafters of the roof/attic.

Roof-to-Wall Connection

How the roof of your home is attached to the exterior walls, including the amount of overhang. This can help give insight into how the roof will respond under high winds.

Secondary Water Resistance

Some roofs are built to be extremely weatherproof. This part of the wind mitigation inspection will check to see if your roof has an extra protective layer between the roof’s primary layer and the insulating layer.

Other Features That Are Considered Weather-Withstanding Rooftop

Aside from your roof, other areas inspected and noted during a wind mitigation inspection may also include the following areas:

  • Types of windows and glass doors. The type of glass (single pane vs double pane), how they were installed, the manufacturer’s rating against high wind and/or debris, and other features will reveal how sturdy your windows and out-facing glass can hold up against high winds.
  • Non-glass doors. Whether it is your front door, side entry, or back door, it can tell your inspector a lot about the weather resistance of your home. The material of the door and how the door was installed can give insight into how the door will withstand a major storm.
  • The home’s structure and construction materials used. These can give significant insight into a home’s durability during a storm with high winds.
  • Wall construction. If your home has a more unique or decorative shape, it may cause “pockets” for wind while a home constructed in a plain shape may not have much of an issue.
  • Garage door and skylights. These aspects of a home may or may not be present on all homes but if they are, the materials and method of construction are noted to determine their weatherproofing capabilities.
  • Availability of storm shutters. Wind mitigation inspectors will also check to see if you have any storm shutters or panels (either installed or stored) that can be used to enhance your home’s safety during high winds.

Contact AcuSystem Inspections if you are considering a wind mitigation inspection for savings on your homeowner's insurance or if your insurance company is requesting an inspection to be done prior to writing your policy. Our certified inspectors have decades of experience in performing all kinds of inspections, including wind mitigation and insurance inspections.


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