Will A Wind Mitigation Save Me Money?

A wind mitigation is a specific type of inspection that looks for features of a home that will help it withstand high winds and severe weather. This type of inspection is usually requested by an insurance carrier or can be submitted to your homeowner’s insurance provider in order to receive a discount on your insurance premium.

What Features Does A Wind Mitigation Inspection Look For?

Wind mitigation inspectors will check the home’s roof for the type of materials used to build it and the general shape of the roof—is the roof built to be weather resistant and does the shape make the house more aerodynamic, making it harder for the roof to be ripped off? Other features that will be inspected are the home’s overall building structure and material, the points of entry into the home (doors and windows), and if your home is equipped with storm shutters or other beneficial features.

How Does A Wind Mitigation Save You Money?

Wind mitigation inspections are not required to receive a homeowner’s policy in Florida; however, if you claim your home has specific features that could make it more weather resistant, the carrier may request proof and a wind mitigation inspection can provide verification. If your homeowner’s insurance premium is high and you are looking for potential savings, contact your carrier to see how much they offer in savings for a home that is strongly built against the effects of storms, like hurricanes. A wind mitigation inspection is verification from a certified professional that a home can withstand damage caused by severe weather, making it less of a risk for an insurance claim. The stronger your home was built and the safer it is against major storms, the more you are likely to save on the cost of insurance.

How Much Money Could I Save By Having A Wind Mitigation?

In Florida, it is required of carriers to offer discounts for wind mitigation, but your amount of savings can vary. The answer to this question depends on several variables. You may see anywhere from a few hundred dollars off your annual premium to over a thousand dollars off. Even a small savings can outweigh the cost of having the wind mitigation done. The cost of most wind mitigation inspections is around $100 but could increase or decrease depending on the size of your home and available features to inspect and verify.

Getting More Savings Out Of Your Wind Mitigation

After your wind mitigation is completed, your inspector will provide you with a copy of your wind mitigation report—you’ll give a copy of this to your carrier to get your discount. Many carriers list it as a “windstorm credit”. If you aren’t sure if your policy has the discount listed, contact your carrier. In addition to your report, you’ll also be provided with a few recommendations that could further enhance your home’s ability to withstand a storm with high winds. By completing these improvements, you increase your home’s sustainability; in turn, this can generate more savings on your insurance and add more value to your home. Also, important to note is that wind mitigation reports are good for five years. If you have had one done before, it could be time for a new one to ensure you continue the savings you have!

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