Why A Commercial Building Inspection Is Crucial Before Buying A Business

While many Florida business owners may lease the property they operate from, many others still purchase the building and/or the lot. There is a risk in purchasing a commercial building, especially if you are starting out or expanding your business. A major repair need could put you out of business, so before your close the deal on the commercial property, request a commercial building inspection. Just as when buying a home, a commercial inspection also aims to protect the buyer from taking control of a property before they know everything they should about it.

A commercial building inspection can help a business owner:

  1. Identify Potential Health Concerns. A growing concern for many consumers is how a company is working to maintain their health while the consumer is on property. A commercial inspector works to identify issues within a building like mold, leaks, foundation and roofing issues, and any concerns the age of the building may bring to light potential health concerns.
  2. Verify The Integrity Of The Building. An inspection of a commercial property can help to identify any concerns in the roof, walls, and foundation that should be addressed prior to closing the sale (or at least by your opening day). These aspects of a building can lead to costly repairs and hold serious liability should something be amiss in the building’s integrity.
  3. Create A List Of Repairs/Maintenance Checklist. One of the best parts of taking part in a commercial building inspection is getting experienced and knowledgeable insight of a professional building inspector into major repair needs to be address soon or down the line. Knowing what type of maintenance is required for your building’s age and condition could save you major expenses and even liability down the line.
  4. Ensuring The Property Is Safe. One of the key aspects of an inspection is verifying the structure is safe. It is important to know the property you are opening to yourself, employees, and customers will be a safe place—one free of wiring issues, HVAC issues, structural issues, health issues, and other potential concerns like indoor air quality.

Tampa Bay Area’s Leading Commercial Building Inspections

AcuSystem Inspections has been in business for decades and we have inspectors in over dozen counties across central Florida. Our inspectors are licensed and receive ongoing training to ensure they are up to date on the latest building regulations and inspection requirements. We provide fast, reliable building inspections, so give us a call if you need a commercial building inspected!

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