New Construction Phase Inspections: Pre-Slab Inspection

What is a Pre-Slab Inspection?

A pre-slab inspection is carried out in the early stages of new construction—before concrete is poured for the structure’s foundation. This is done to ensure everything is primed and ready for the installation of concrete; after the concrete is poured, it becomes impossible to tell if any issues or problems existed. Defects in the laying of plumbing, waste and drainage lines, rebar, or elevation and grading can be identified during a pre-slab inspection. Our seasoned pre-slab inspection process identifies any of these issues to make sure your home is erected on a solid base.

Why Do I Need A Pre-Slab Inspection From a Third Party?

Newly constructed homes (or commercial buildings) are not without flaws merely because they have just been constructed. Many construction contractors build without major flaws or cutting corners; however, there are some causes that could lead to errors in the pre-slab building process.

  • General contractors commonly sub-contract out specific areas of work. An overworked or under skilled sub-contractor may make an error—one missed or not followed up after requested repairs by the general contractor overseeing the project.
  • Builders do not commonly perform thorough inspections as they build, but rather rely on the local building code inspectors—who can often be too busy to put in the time needed to spot an error.
  • While many builders and their sub-contractors are aware of building standards, shortcuts can happen to keep the project on track. Even if local codes are met, the manufacture may have a more detailed installation requirement—specifications a builder or local code enforcement may not be aware of.

An independent pre-slab inspection from a third-party building inspector provides you with an extra set of skilled and trained eyes to identify issues prior to your foundation being poured. By identifying concerns prior to the concrete foundation being poured, you can have your builder correct the issues and avoid long-term troubles in your new home. Be wary of any builder you are considering for your project who is against third party inspections. If a buyer wants to take the time to ensure their build is going according to plan and have a second opinion verify the results found by a local code inspector, then a builder should allow for that time.

What Do We Look For During A Pre-Slab Inspection?

The purpose of a pre-slab inspection is to assess the grading of the property, slab form layout, and initial components of a structure building. Some of the primary components to be inspected include:

  • Anchor and footing size and spacing
  • Water supply lines
  • Plumbing for water distribution
  • Pipes for gas distribution (if any)
  • Drainage, vent, and waste lines
  • Elevation, drainage, and grading
  • Trenches and soil excavation
  • Rebar and slab form layout
What Do We Look For During A Pre-Slab Inspection

Schedule Your New Construction Phase Inspections

Gain peace of mind knowing your foundation is less likely to develop long term issues and that the structure of your home or building will be raised on solid groundwork. Contact AcuSystem Inspections to schedule your pre-slab inspection or any other new construction phase inspection such as:

  • Lintel Inspection
  • Wall Sheathing Inspection
  • House Wrap Inspection
  • Frame Inspection
  • Lath Inspection
  • In-Progress Stucco Inspection
  • Stucco Cores Inspection
  • Blower Door Testing Inspection
  • Building Final Inspection
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