Must-Do Common Repairs Before Selling Your Home

If you are considering selling your home, you are likely taking a look around to see what kinds of repairs are needed or anything that could turn away a potential buyer. Depending on the age and condition of your home, you may see a long list of repairs or nothing that catches your eye. The best way to know which repairs should be addressed to improve your chances of selling your home is to call in a professional home assessor, or home inspector. We have the experience, training, and knowledge to identify repair needs and prioritize them to reduce more extensive damage from occurring. Scheduling a pre-sale home inspection is the perfect way to identify repair needs and improve the health of your home so you can ask for top dollar for your home and help alleviate any potential worries a homebuyer may have about your home’s condition. A pre-sale home inspection reviews over 400 items, so you get a detailed review of your home’s condition. Upon receiving your detailed home inspection report, you should focus on the following types of repairs before putting your home up for sale.

Foundation Issues

Curbside appeal won’t last if your home is on unstable ground. While fresh paint and newly planted flowers may attract their eye, your potential homebuyers will greatly appreciate and will likely be more enticed by purchasing a home that is safe. If your home has foundation issues, getting this addressed will help prevent scaring off homebuyers with the potential risks and costs they would have to face.

Water Intrusion

Indications of water damage, even if it is old and no longer an issue, can turn buyers away. Water damage indicates an issue of water intrusion, mold, and damage to drywall, flooring, or property. If there are signs of water intrusion or water damage, thoroughly cleaning and repairing the area—in addition to addressing the source—will help present your home as move-in ready and worry-free.

Rain Management

One of the major sources of water intrusion is the rain. Ensuring the rain is properly routed away from the home can help address sources of water intrusion and improve landscaping and curb appeal. Repairing or installing a new guttering system or installing a rain barrel are some ways to help safeguard the home against rain issues. Preventing excessive moisture around the home can also help reduce attracting mosquitoes, termites, or other pests.

Plumbing Issues

Something as simple as a slow drain or low water pressure can make picky homebuyers move to the next home on their list to view. A thorough inspection of your plumbing system can help you identify minor annoyances as well as identify (or prevent) costly issues.


Mold often goes unnoticed in a home until the problem is extensive. Mold can be present behind drywall, in crawlspaces, or in other hard-to-reach or see areas. Having mold in your home and not addressing it will keep the home from being sold. If your pre-sale home inspection report identifies mold or indicates a potential mold concern, this issue should be remedied before listing the home.

Insulation & Ventilation

Adequate insulation is key to having an energy-efficient home and can help make a home more enticing for a homebuyer who thinks ahead for potential homeownership costs. Proper ventilation is important to reduce the risk of mold, and poor air quality, and keep your home energy efficient. Quality of insulation and ventilation can be an excellent selling point when listing your home.


Electrical deficiencies are a surprisingly common issue during home inspections. Identifying and correcting these before listing your home can reduce the likelihood of a homebuyer from walking after discovering issues in their own home inspection. Some of the most common issues are damaged outlets, missing GFI/GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) on outlets, and exposed (non-metal) conductors. By finding these issues before listing the home, you can take your time repairing the problems and not have to find a last-minute (and potentially expensive) electrician to resolve the issues while trying to close on your home.

DIY Deck Safety Concerns

Building your own deck can increase your home’s value and make your backyard more enjoyable. However, some DIY jobs don’t meet the safety standards we look for during a home inspection. A pre-sale home inspection can help you identify any safety concerns and take care of them on your own time and budget.

Wood Rot

If the home has poor rain management or water intrusion, wood rot can be a potential concern. It is also a common issue in older homes. Repairing it can make your home more marketable and move-in-ready.

Energy Audit

Many homebuyers are more interested in homes that are move-in-ready—and energy efficient. Homes that are energy efficient indicate lesser monthly costs in energy bills. By showing the potential long-term savings, you can entice more buyers.

General Maintenance

When a potential buyer finalizes the purchase of your home, the last thing they want to do is handle a to-do list, even if it is minor. While they will if they have to (they’re committed once the sale is final), taking care of simple tasks like changing the air filter, cleaning the gutters, or trimming bushes can go a long way to improving the appearance and attractiveness of your home.

Get A Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Identify potential concerns with your home and resolve them before putting your home up for sale. By removing any potential issues before a potential buyer conducts their own home inspection can reduce the likeliness of the buyer breaking the contract on our home. AcuSystem Inspectors are highly rated, trained, and experienced. Our goal is to ensure potential buyers understand one of the biggest purchases of their life and help home sellers prepare as best of possible for the real estate transaction. Call us at (833) 228-7978 to schedule your home inspection.

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