5 Questions To Ask Your Tampa Home Inspector

Owning pets, particularly cats and dogs, can create many housekeeping challenges. Besides cleaning the floors more often, dusting, vacuuming, and picking up after accidents inside the home, it's equally important to maintain your HVAC system for optimal performance.


Pets shed. Or they bring in dust and dirt from the outside. All of which get sucked up into your central HVAC unit. Minimize the number of contaminants brought in your pets by keeping them groomed. Brushing pets regularly helps significantly in reducing the amount of pet dander floating through the air inside your home. Frequent vacuuming and keeping long haired pets trimmed will assist in keeping hair count low as well.

Air Filter

Despite your greatest of efforts, hair and dander will always be an ongoing issue, so you'll still need to make sure you change your air filter regularly to keep it running at maximum efficiency. Changing your HVAC filters once a month (when you have shedding pets can help cut down on the risk of repairs needed because the filter will help keep other components inside the unit cleaner for longer, which also improves efficiency. 

Air Purifier

To amplify your efforts on keeping hair from floating around, invest in a good air purifier. It's an extra step in filtering hair and dust created by your furry pals.

Protect Outside Unit

Dogs are known to tamper with the fins that surround the outdoor unit as well as marking their territory on it, which can lead to corrosion of the coils. You can put a small fence around the unit to protect it from these behaviors.

Home Maintenance Inspections

Pets don't have to create an unnecessary amount of extra work for your HVAC system. Just be sure to stay on top of these few things and your HVAC system won't suffer from your fluffy friends. One to two times a year you should also consider having a Home Maintenance Inspection done to check the health of your HVAC system and all other major systems of your home, plus receive a list of recommended maintenance tasks or repairs to help keep your home in tip-top shape. 

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