Do I Need Other Inspections If I’m Buying A House?

When buying a new home, most homebuyers are aware they should have a home inspection done or are advised of having one done during the buying process. However, there are other types of inspections that are more in-depth for certain aspects of a home—like inspections to check for pests or mold—or are for specific purposes, such as getting home insurance, that are not included in a traditional home inspection.

How do you know if you should get another type of inspection in addition to your home inspection?

Simply enough, your home inspector will let you know if further investigation is needed to confirm the presence of pests or mold. If your insurance requires a special inspection report, they’ll let you know when you shop for a quote. So, you’ll never be truly alone or lost during the process! Especially not if AcuSystem Home Inspections is the team you rely on for your home inspection.

We believe in helping homeowners understand their biggest purchase and will take the time to review the inspection report and answer questions. We also encourage home buyers to attend the inspection and learn things about the home, such as where the breaker or main water valve is located or how an appliance may work.

Home inspections are very thorough—check hundreds of areas (over 400!). You can review the Florida Home Inspection Standards of Practice we follow to see the extent of how well we inspect homes.

What Is Not Covered In A Home Inspection?

While they are thorough, there are some things that cannot be verified during a home inspection. A home inspection may indicate signs of mold or signs pests are present, but a further inspection is necessary to determine the extent of the infestation and the damage present.

Should we have any concerns, not only will we include it in our detailed home inspection report, but we will also let you know if we recommend another inspection as your next course of action to remedy those concerns.

home inspection check list for ceiling and walls

Tampa Home Inspection Services—And More—With AcuSystem Inspections

If you need a home inspection, if you have any concerns about pests or mold at your home, or your insurance company wants a specific inspection, then call us to schedule an inspection and we’ll get your needs taken care of!

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