Father’s Day is around the corner and common go-to gifts like ties, grill accessories, and power tools are flying off the shelves. However, before getting dad a “traditional” gift, rethink your options and reconsider gifting dad something more beneficial in the long term.

As home inspectors, we see some very creative DIY repairs and additions to a home or problems caused by improper usage of power tools—like nails through plumbing behind the walls. Encouraging DIY builds and repair with the gift of power tools can hurt dad in the long run if he ever wants to sell his home.  Too often homeowner’s put effort into home improvement over home maintenance, which leads to a great looking home with issues lying under the surface. This stems from the desire to add value to a home; however, the true value of a home lies in the health of its structure. When the major systems of a home a functioning smoothly and are expected to last for years, potential buyers can be rest assured that their investment in the home purchase is a good one.

Help dad stay on top of important maintenance of his home by purchasing him a home maintenance inspection. This will point out key areas of concern and what to fix and when—and dad may even be able to pull out some of his other power tools from Father’s Day past to get them done.

Other useful home improvement ideas for dad this Father’s Day include:

  • Upgrading or replacing the gutters and gutter guards. These can help control water movement away from the house and are a valuable tool against moisture intrusion and maintaining the health of dad’s roof.

  • Installing new energy efficient windows to help reduce cool costs while improving the exterior aesthetics.

  • General lawn care and landscaping, like trimming tree branches and shrubs away from the house can help prevent pests and other issues (like roof damage) from making their way into your dad’s house.

  • Add to or replace the insulation in the attic to add to the energy efficiency of a home. Energy efficiency can greatly improve the overall value of a home because of the recurring savings it causes each month in utilities.

  • Whether your dad’s home has carpet, tile, or hard wood flooring, caring for the floors can help increase value, cross of an item on his maintenance to do list (making your mom thrilled at the same time), and contribute to the longevity of the floors.

  • Automate his home. Install lights, stereos, air conditioning, door locks, garage door openers, and security systems that function seamlessly with a convenient app or single control. Bringing your dad’s house into the modern century will not only add value but will also make life at home a great convenience for him.

Power tools are great, especially for dads who truly know how to use them for home DIY projects without causing damage. But, this year, give dad the unexpected but truly necessary gift of home care and improvement.