6 Signs Your Home Might Have Water Damage

Water damage is more common than many people realize—affecting nearly 14,000 individuals’ homes or businesses and costing the insurance industry around two and a half billion per year! These numbers may be higher than you expected but that’s often because most leaks go undetected until it is too late, and a major problem is discovered. 

How to know if you have water damage occurring in your home:

  • Check ceilings, under sinks, and in areas where water is constantly used (bathrooms, laundry room, or in the kitchen) for water stains. These are usually yellowish or brownish in color, often shaped like irregular circles or ovals that appear in the ceiling, walls, or flooring.
  • Monitor for mold in damp areas (bathrooms, under sinks, in the attic, or in crawlspaces). It is important to know that visible mold may indicate there is also hidden mold or the mold problem is more serious than it is letting on, so be sure to get a Mold Inspection and not just treat the area.
  • If you notice something is off with your walls or ceiling water damage may be the cause. Wallpaper peeling off, paint bubbling or peeling, soft spots, bulges, loose molding, or discoloration may all be indicators of water damage behind your walls or above your ceiling. The more obvious the issue, the more extensive the damage you may have.
  • Fraying or wet carpet, peeling or cracking vinyl or linoleum, and discolored or warped hardwood when you don’t have a pet can be signs of water damage present in your flooring. It is important to have a professional inspect these signs as untreated areas can lead to more extensive damage to the subflooring and beyond.
  • Some leaks don’t leave signs where it is easy to see—like internal plumbing or leaks behind a dishwasher; however, they could cause other indicators like a higher-than-normal water bill. If your usage seems higher without reason, request a home inspection to ensure you don’t have a hidden pipe wreaking havoc.
  • Other non-visible indicators may also include odd smells. Musty odors often accompany damp, moist, or humid areas. If a room or area in your home has the type of smell, search for water stains, mold, or for other visible signs of water’s unwanted presence.

Water left unchecked can lead to expensive damage and lengthy repairs. If you suspect a water leak or subsequent damage, contact a licensed inspector of AcuSystem Inspections to help you identify what is wrong in your home or place of business.

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