5 Reasons For An Annual Attic Inspection

An attic is a perfect place to look to find key issues with your home—it’s where problems like pests and roof leaks first show signs. Your attic can also hide other major issues, which is why it is vital to routinely inspect the area for potential problems. When you don’t have the time or desire—or prefer a professional to identify problems—then an annual home maintenance inspection is just what you need.

How Annual Attic Inspections Protect Your Home

In an annual home maintenance inspection, your attic as well as other major areas and systems of your home are reviewed for potential concerns and existing problems are pointed out. Specific reasons to consider an attic inspection include the following:

  1. Verify the State of the Insulation

When you first purchase your home, you likely had a pre-purchase home inspection conducted. This would have checked the insulation in the attic and let you know if your new home had adequate insulation or not. Over time, your attic insulation can become less effective depending on how it was installed, what type of insulation was used, or if damage has occurred to reduce its effectiveness. Annually reviewing your insulation will keep you in the know and provide answers to why your home doesn’t seem to be cooling as well as it once was.

  1. Watch For Critters

From small mammals (squirrels, raccoons, bats) to birds and bugs (termites), attics are a prime target for nesting. These critters often move in during colder months or rainy season to get out of the undesirable weather. Routine inspections will locate signs of infestation before it gets out of control.

  1. Inspect Fungus Risk

Aside from animals, other infestation risks are common in attics—like the risk of mold. Small roof leaks, tears in HVAC ductwork, high humidity, and other causes can lead to the growth of mold, which in turn can lead to structural damage and health concerns. Attic inspections specifically look for signs of moisture and mold growth.

  1. Examine Electrical Concerns

If you recently bought your home, your home inspection would have revealed any shoddy workmanship or out-of-date practices in the wiring. However, if you had an electrician of any sort (including a “cable guy”) perform any work or installation, you may have concerns you don’t know about. Electrical shortcuts, like uncovered wiring or poor installation practices, can easily become fire hazards.

  1. Locate Condensation Threats

Leaky roofs aren’t your only cause for concern in an attic. Other sources of water can lead to excessive humidity and condensation—and the trouble they can cause. Attic inspections can help identify all potential water sources aside from leaks—like tears in duct work.

Tampa’s Premier Home and Attic Inspectors

We’ve been serving the Greater Tampa Bay and surrounding areas for decades now, and in that time we have continued our education in modern practices and inspections. Contact AcuSystem Inspections to schedule your annual maintenance inspection or to request an inspector to perform an analysis of your home for potential repair concerns.

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