5 Questions To Ask Your Tampa Home Inspector

In many cases, your real estate agent may recommend a home inspector for you to use; however, you can go with any home inspector you wish. While your real estate agent is a trusted source, it can still be beneficial to check reviews and talk with a potential home inspector to see if you want to work with them. 

When you are interviewing potential home inspectors, or if you have already selected a home inspection company to go with, here are a few questions you should ask to get to know your home inspector and the home inspection process.

What Does a Florida Home Inspection Entail?

A standard home inspection is a “visual examination of the readily accessible systems and components of a home”. The inspections are non-intrusive and rely mainly on the eye of the home inspector with what they see/ don’t see. A home inspector will never move around furniture or the personal belongings of a client. A home inspector will also never take pieces of the home apart like the floor, walls etc. The purpose of a home inspection is not to take apart the home and put it back together—it is to make sure the home is functional, safe and up to code from a superficial standpoint.

A home inspector will also test certain mechanical features of the home like their HVAC system, electricity, and water lines.

When Should I Have My Tampa Home Inspected?

It is most common for a client to request a home inspection after they’ve had their offer to purchase the home approved by the previous homeowner. With the exception of certain property contracts and documents, usually there is a two-week grace period that allows time for the home inspection to take place. This period is the time between the offer being accepted and the beginning of the closing process on the home.

What Happens if the Home Inspector Finds Issues with the House?

It is common for a home inspector to find at least one thing wrong with a client’s home, whether the issue is big or small the client must realize that this is normal. The point of the home inspection is to search for possible flaws in the home so that they can be properly corrected before the homeowners move in or the new homeowner can be prepared to handle them after moving in. Potential buyers can use flaws in the home as negotiation tools or as an excuse to walk away from the purchase.

A home inspector will often label an issue as a “maintenance issue” if it does not make the home unsafe for the clients to move in. Typically, most problems found during a home inspection don’t require to be fixed right away; many are minor enough to be repaired in time or are only cosmetic.

Your home inspector will never withhold information from you, it is their job to tell you all problems and possible fixes, whether they are small or large. The homeowner will always be educated on the problem so that they can understand what the next steps are for them and their home in correcting these problems.

home inspection check list for ceiling and walls

In the event there are signs of hidden issues, such a termite or pest indicators or the scent of mildew or mold in the home, your home inspector may suggest a more in-depth inspection to determine if the suspicions they have are founded.

Your home inspector may also suggest other specialty inspections if they feel you would benefit from such. Such specialty inspections may be insurance inspections, energy assessments, or blower door testing.

Home inspectors do not check for these things because they go beyond the superficial characteristics of the client’s home.

Should I Be There on Inspection Day?

Before a home inspection, if the client has any questions or concerns regarding their home it is suggested that they write them down to be shared with the home inspector. After arriving on inspection day, clients can address these concerns with the home inspector to make sure that their questions are answered at the best ability of the inspector.

The process of a home inspection allows for the buyer/ homeowner to understand the status of their home, so it is important that the clients attend the inspection. The home inspectors’ goal is to educate the client so that they can choose their action plan for their home.

A home inspector cannot give you their personal opinions on what they view the value of the home is or what they feel the homes worth is—that is up to the client to decide after the inspection. One on one attention is provided to the clients by their home inspector at the end to run through the results of the inspection and their report on the home.

How Qualified are AcuSystem Home Inspectors?

When choosing your home inspector, it is always a good idea to do your research on the company you are thinking of going through. Look through their website, ratings and even call to learn more about what they provide, the training and certifications.

Check out our certifications, licenses, and training as well as the benefits we have to offer our clients here.

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