Whether you have just put an offer on a house, plan to sell your home, or want to reassess your home and its systems, a home inspection is the ideal solution for all. Home inspections look at numerous factors of a home—including the most vital: the foundation and structure of the house.

There are many variables that could affect the foundation and structure of a home, especially over time. Shifting soil, moisture, or quality of the builder can all influence the health and longevity of a home’s foundation. A home inspection can provide you with better insight into a home and resolve concerns—like whether the crack you see is just from settling or a true foundation issue.

Understanding the purpose of a home inspection and what it entails can help homebuyers, home sellers, and homeowners alike to make good decisions about the care and upkeep of the home as well as confidence in the home’s foundation and overall condition.

The Purpose of a Home Inspection

The overall purpose of a home inspection is to assess a home for potential structural and system issues. Potential buyers should be aware of the condition of a home they are interested in buying is in—just as a homeowner should be aware of any major issues pertaining to their home so they can be addressed.

Having a home inspected before you buy, sell, or annually to keep up with maintenance can provide some advantages to homeowners.

Identify Hidden Issues

Not all potential problems that can occur in a home are visible—or noticeable to the untrained eye. Mold can be growing behind walls, electrical wiring can be installed incorrectly, or the water pressure to your home may be off. A home inspection helps to identify hard to notice issues, some that can seriously affect the foundation or structure of a home.

Save Money—and Potential Headaches

Home inspections are relatively affordable. Especially if you consider the cost of potential repairs and the hassle of taking on massive renovations for serious problems you could be facing if you buy a home without a home inspection.

Be Informed

Home inspections don’t just look for problems. They are also used to help new homeowners understand the home they are buying, and current homeowners stay on top of the health of their home systems. Home inspections identify where the main water shut off is, how most systems of a home function, and provide recommendations for repairs and routine maintenance to prevent issues in the future.

Protects Your Investment

Foundation issues, structural concerns, roof leaks, and even minor repairs can ultimately affect the value of your home. If you are selling, taking care of these issues before putting your home on the market can help maintain your asking price. If you are buying or currently own a home, a home inspection provides you with detailed information about the house so you can adequately maintain it and its value.

Peace of Mind

Because a home inspection helps protect your investment, you can worry less about making a poor financial decision by investing in a damaged home. In addition, not all home inspections find a problem. Many report that a home is in great condition and was well maintained—so you can have peace of mind about the home you live in or are buying.