Technology is ever improving with more and more advanced ways to do something every day. The same is true for building inspections. While we try to ensure we get our eyes on whatever it is we are inspecting—sometimes we need help. For homes, buildings, or other structures with unusually shaped roofs or that are too high to inspect safely, we implement the use of drones to complete a thorough and accurate inspection.

What was once a hobbyists’ toy is now a tool for the industry. These advanced tools help us to:

  • Conduct an inspection of areas that are difficult to reach.
  • Provide our clients with maintenance planning.
  • Accurately measure and record information about a structure.
  • Reduce downtime of a business.
  • Access areas that would otherwise be unsafe to do so.
  • Conduct faster inspections of difficult areas.

Drones help us to see clearly in areas we may not have been able to otherwise—or speed up the inspection when we don’t have to carefully climb to conduct the inspection. The drones we use are high quality, allowing for advanced, high-resolution imaging and measuring. In addition, when needed infrared thermography can be incorporated into our drone inspection, allowing us to inspect the health of a structure by scanning for abnormalities in the surface’s temperature.

Many companies with a structure that requires an inspection but that is too difficult for the average building inspector to reach often finds themselves at odds with finding a reasonably priced and trusted inspector to get the job done. AcuSystem Inspections is dedicated to getting a thorough job done for all types of clients. To fulfill this goal, we implement drones and other tools to provide an accurate inspection and report.

Contact us today if your building needs an inspection, with or without the assistance of one of our drones.