If you are considering putting your home on the market, be sure to take special considerations if your home is a few decades old before getting yourself a realtor and starting to pack. As years pass by, builders find new and improved ways for building homes that are safer than the old way of doing things. As a result, building codes are updated to reflect these better processes that reduce the risk of fire, water damage, electrical hazards, health hazards, and storm damage.

Building Code Standards

New homes are always built to these updated standards and usually don’t have any issue during a home inspection. Homes that are lived in for a generation or more, however, were typically built under different building codes. In order for a change of ownership to occur (and in some cases, performing certain remodeling projects), some aspects of a home may need to be redone because the home is considered to no longer be “built to code”. Change of ownership or when requesting a building permit is usually when the age of the home (and its now-considered subpar building structure or components) are noticed and required to be updated before being able to move forward.

Safety Hazard

On top of change in building codes, old wiring itself can be a hazard. The wiring itself may last several decades or even a century like in the case of copper wiring; however, the insulation around the wiring does not have that kind of lifespan and is where most concern for electrical hazards begin. When wires are exposed because the insulation if damaged or deteriorated, fire or risk for electrocution become the major concerns.

Additional Issues

When replacing old or out of code electrical wiring, you are not only out your time and money but the process to do so is very intensive. Many of the walls in your home likely have wiring behind them and depending on the intricacies of how your home was built, may require the walls to be taken down to replace the wiring. Overall, with or without the added effort of replacing old wiring, your can expect keeping your home up to code to cost you several thousands of dollars—none of which you’ll get back in the value or sale of your home.

Tampa Home and Building Inspectors

AcuSystem Inspections serves a large portion of Eastern and Central Florida, helping thousands of homeowners, builders, and potential buyers to see the true value of the property inspected. If you have a concern for old wiring due to the age of your home, we can conduct an inspection to ensure your historic home is up to code and provide recommendations for upgrades or repair—including for more than just your electrical system.