Home buyers who are serious about a potential home purchase should seriously consider a pre-purchase home inspection.  These inspections are designed to protect the consumer by providing a valuable look at the vital working operations and structural concerns of the home they hope to buy.  Particularly if the home is older, having a certified inspector go over the 350 to 400 areas that all reputable companies address -according to a Code of Ethics – could uncover unwanted defects, expose faulty systems, or call attention to areas where damage can begin to materialize.  For example, water leakage could result in mold or other significant damage to the home’s structure.

Often, consumers will have a home inspected for Radon or mold presence too.  If so, these inspections will cost a little more than just having a basic home inspection performed.  In addition, the size of the home has a lot to do with the final cost of having an inspection.  Whatever the cost, having certified inspectors come and examine the details of the house is key to getting consumers the appropriate information they need.

But the real importance of having a home inspected before you buy it is this: before someone becomes serious about purchasing a house, they need to know of any defects that exist within the structure and learn of any electrical or appliance problems they may need to address.  Investing in a new or used home is a major deal.  You need to know exactly what you’re getting into.  And by arranging for a pre-purchase home inspection the consumer can rest assured he/she will be made aware of any situation within or around the home that will need attention.

Once someone looks over the inspector’s checklist he/she will instantly be reminded of how many items a home contains; so many details that need to be checked out.  There are driveways, patios, entrance landings, railings, yard conditions, doorframes, exterior finishes, roof conditions, and all these don’t amount to half of the items a complete home inspection must include.  In short, all consumers owe it to themselves to have a certified expert -or team of inspectors -come out and pour over all these items and details.  Again, it is about getting an accurate picture of the house to the consumer so he or she can make the most informed decision possible.

Finally, it goes without saying that insuring your home needs to be another reason why a pre-purchase inspection is necessary.  The insurance company offering home owner’s insurance on your property will be very interested in the printed report the inspectors produce.  For all these reasons and more, it is generally a wise idea to go forward with a pre-purchase home inspection before any prospective buyer gets too deeply into the purchasing process.