Covid has definitely shaken up our world as we know it. So many businesses and companies are now perusing a virtual route and working remotely. While that is a great way for many to continue to work and stay safe from the virus, that is not possible for every industry.

The idea of taking a virtual route for home inspections was put out there in social media and immediately shot down by the professionals behind the work. Many said the idea was not well thought out and that it would be “damaging” to the industry. It’s understandable why the response was this way; technology is already overturning many things in our world and has been for years. But many believe that not everything is simpler with technology involved. In fact, the idea that home inspections wouldn’t even be worth it for homeowners was discussed if they went virtual.

Reasons Why Home Inspections Can NEVER Be Virtual

  • Home Inspections Need The Physical Aspect

    For a home inspection to be properly done, things need to be seen in person, touched and switched on and off. This is important because that is the best way for an inspector to evaluate their condition. A virtual inspection would not do the major areas of home justice. For example, HVAC units, roofs, plumbing, electrical work these all can be evaluated from a screen they need to be seen and have tests ran on them in person.

  • Going Virtual Loses The Professional Feeling Of A Home Inspection

    New virtual experiences like Zoom, Facebook and Instagram live are great and very useful in some respects, but the one thing they lack is that in person feeling. Many homeowners feel that if they were to have their home inspection done virtually it would lose that in person professionalism that allows them to put trust in their home inspector. That personal connection that allows home inspectors and homeowners to have that open communication on the status of their home may be lost if the industry moves virtual.

  • From A Real Estate Agents’ Perspective, They Need That In Person Experience Too

    Real estate agents weigh their trust heavily in home inspectors as well. Questions that are asked many go from the agent to the inspector and with a virtual approach that can put a barrier in their access to communication.

Post Covid, can we expect any changes to the home inspection industry?

That question has still not been solved. Covid is still very new, and everyone is still adjusting themselves as well as their businesses to the change. The more information we have on how we will be affected long term by the virus, the better off we will be. The problem is, we just don’t have that information yet. Technology is forever advancing and there is not for a sure answer on how the industry will be affected, but as time goes on adapting to what is best for both home inspectors and consumers is what will be the determining factor.

In the meantime, we are continuing our safety procedures established on the on-set of this pandemic and continuing our education on the impact of Covid on our industry. Our inspectors have taken and passed the new InterNACHI course on the COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors Course. To learn more about the course, please visit InterNACHI’s course description page.

You can ready more about our safety practices and training here and here.