Roofs are known notoriously for being expensive to repair and replace. And having a strong and reliable roof on your home is important because an issue with your home’s roof can also cause issues throughout the rest of your home as well. Imagine, if your roof suddenly begins leaking during a storm or a prolonged period of rain, the damage it could potentially have on everything else in your home. The estimated cost of a roof repair or replacement ranges between $5,000 and $70,000, depending on the damage sustained to the roof itself and factoring in the costs of other repairs needed because of the damage to the roof such as repairs to dry wall, carpet, structural frame, and furniture. Knowing the signs of a potential roof issue and when to call the experts is essential in maintaining a safe, healthy home that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Additionally, your new home’s roof should always be a part of your home inspection when purchasing a home.

Self Inspection of Your Home’s Roof

Self inspection of your home’s roof doesn’t necessarily mean you should get on your roof, but rather that you should be aware of some of the common symptoms and red flags indicating there may be an issue with your roof. For example, a sagging roof is a key indicator that something isn’t right. If you believe your home’s roof is sagging, it is best to inspect your roof from multiple points of view as the vantage points can obscure your line of sight. By checking your roofs flashing, the areas underneath the eves and the connection points to the actual frame of the home, you can tell if water is slipping through and getting into the home’s walls. Checking gutters and the hardware attaching them to the structure of the home can indicate a leak somewhere in the roof if you notice there are loose screws or if the wood appears to be damp and soft. When looking at the home’s interior walls, especially the dry wall in inconspicuous places such as the garage, closets, bathroom cupboards, and kitchen cabinets, can also be an indication of a leaking roof.

Searching For Signs Of Water Damage

If you find signs of water traces on the inside or outside of your home, this is usually an indicator that there may be a problem with your home’s roof leaking water. Water traces are usually a lighter or darker color than the surface they are appearing on. Even a water trace on the outside of the home is a cause for concern. Although a water trace on the outside of the home that is not yet leaking into the inside of the home may not be a sign of an existing leak, it is often a sign of a smaller issue that will eventually become a major issue if not detected and repaired quickly enough. For example, if water is not flowing into a gutter properly it can begin overflowing into the flashing and thus creating an issue underneath as it will begin rotting wood and wreaking havoc on the physical structure. Water penetrating any part of the home is a major cause of concern because of the extensive amount of damage it can do in a short period of time and the high cost of repairing such damage.

If you notice any of the above signs of a possible failing roof during your self inspection, it is best to contact a professional home inspector to complete a thorough inspection of your home’s roof. Every new home inspection should also include a roof inspection before you agree to purchase the home. Contact the experienced home inspectors at Acusystem Inspections to schedule your home inspection today!