So, you’re looking to have a home inspected; here’s some insight on information you can and can’t expect to receive from your home inspector and some tips for you to get the most out of your home inspectors visit.

Tips for Gaining the Most Knowledge from the Home Inspection as Possible:

  • Follow the home inspector through every step of the process.
  • Ask questions and if you are unsure on what something means ask more questions!
  • Be ready to sort the information you’re hearing into 3 different categories: important fixes, dangerous fixes, and aesthetic fixes.
  • Aesthetic problems are the least of your issues and should not be the main focus of your discussion with the home inspector.

Things A Tampa, Florida Home Inspector Can Tell You

  • The condition of your roof is a prominent feature in a house that a home inspector will look at to better analyze the structure’s condition of the home.
  • They will also look at the grading (aka. the soil) this helps the home inspector to see if there is excessive moisture that’s in the surrounding soil or any damage that the soil could do to the foundation of the home.
  • The attic is also very important – the home inspector will look at pipes to find out if they are up to code, if there are proper wiring units and if the structure us sustainable for storage.
  • Pipes – leaky pipes aren’t always expected but it is not uncommon to have that issue, especially if the pipes were not up to code this problem is often found.

Things a Tampa, Florida Home Inspector Can’t Tell You

  • They cannot refer you to specific service companies whether it be a plumbing or electrical service company, they cannot give any insight on a certain company to go through.
  • They cannot provide financial advice for what should and shouldn’t be fixed, that is up to the homeowner to decided.
  • Home inspectors cannot voice their opinion on whether someone should or should not buy a house.

It is important to remember through the home inspecting process, home inspectors only provide a visual inspection of readily accessible areas. They have specific tools and tactics for finding problems throughout a home but things that are deep within the structure or foundation are not always picked up with infrared cameras and moisture meters.

Also, the home inspector caters to the house they are viewing and the buyer’s expectations. To a customer looking for a fixer upper, a house gone horribly wrong could be a gold mine and for the buyer who is looking to move in not matter the condition, a paint job may be all they need to feel secure in their home. Word of the wise is to always have a home inspected regardless of your expectations or intentions with the home so you have a preface of what you as a homeowner are getting yourself into.

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