What is a Pre-Slab Inspection?

Our pre-slab inspection is carried out on your home base before concrete is poured. This is done to ensure everything is primed and ready for the installation of concrete.

Typically, after the concrete is poured, it becomes impossible to tell if any Issues and problems exist within the structure. It is for this reason that a pre-concrete slab inspection is carried out to curb any mishap from happening before it is too late. Usually, several defects may go unnoticed in the steel and formwork, and it is vital to have them thoroughly inspected. Often, a building surveyor’s inspector may choose to neglect any underlying issue or completely ignore them. Our seasoned pre-slab inspection process identifies any of these issues, to make sure your home is erected on a solid base.

What do we look for?

Each concrete slab has its design and specifications according to the geotechnical conditions of the site. The design is usually carried out after a soil test confirms the conditions of the site. The design of the slab along with its installation is done in compliance with the Australian Standard, AS 2870- Residential Slabs and Footings. The engineering plans contain the design specifics of your home’s concrete slab. Our Pre-concrete slab inspection looks at the design carried out on site in accordance with the AS 2870.

When is this stage ready to inspect?

One of the hardest stages to organize an inspection is the pre-slab pour stage. The reasons for this difficulty are. First, it takes under a week or thereabouts from when your builders start working on site to when the slab is ready to be accessed and by this time, there is a high chance you’ve had no communication with your building supervisor. Also, there is little time between when the slab is ready to go and when the concrete is introduced. Lastly, weather conditions can delay concrete pouring by a day or two. Rain and excessively high temperature exceeding 35-degrees are not ideal for pouring concrete.

Our pre-slab inspection and pre-concrete slab inspection makes it simple, straightforward, and easy for you. We arrange our inspections directly with your builder, and we keep you update throughout.