Identifying Mold in Your Home

As a property owner, it is important to be able to know what kinds of molds are capable of growing near you and how harmful they can be to you and your loved ones. Different types of mold can grow in a variety of climates and living conditions. Here is a guide for the most common types of mold. This guide identifies what the mold is, the appearance of the mold, how/where it can grow and how harmful it can be to those around it.


  • Not common in American homes
  • Allergenic mold
  • Overtime it becomes more toxic and health damaging to those it comes in contact with
  • It can float around in the air
  • Concentrated growths can cause weakened immune systems and possibly a “disease group related to infection”
  • This mold can be found near air conditioning units and other damp areas
  • It grows very fast and can form walls of itself which allows it to grow in large amounts
  • It can come in multiple colors


  • Grows in warm and cold climates
  • Can be commonly found around wet building supplies
  • Signs of this mold can be found after a primary mold species is also found
  • It is known to be very toxic – can cause asthma attacks for those who have asthma, allergic reactions, lesions, and rashes
  • This molds color is normally brown, blackish-brown, or gray green


  • This mold has a bluish green color
  • Penicillin is produced from this type of mold
  • Some versions of this mold are safe, and some are very dangerous
  • It can be found on spoiled food and should not be eaten after it is found on food because it is toxic
  • If it is found indoor it can cause harm to your respiratory system
  • This mold can develop very quickly
  • If it is found in a water damaged part of your home, call a mold specialist asap


  • This mold has a white, wooly, fuzzy and green appearance
  • It is extremely common
  • Can cause extreme damage to items in our homes because it targets items like textiles and wood; if found and not treated it can cause these items to rot
  • You can test for types of this mold in your home through a mold specialist or home inspection company
  • This mold can grow in home appliances like HVAC systems
  • It can be harmful to a person’s health if there is over exposure

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