Selling a fixer-upper is not a lost cause; it is possible and there are tips and tricks to making a good deal on your property! In this article we will share with you how to market and sell your fixer-upper to the best of your listing agent’s and your home’s ability!

As a realtor, it is your job to set up a realistic, competitive, and profitable asking price for your client’s home. Here are some things you can do to revamp or prepare your clients fixer-upper for the market.

What’s Worth Fixing And What’s Not?

Small Cosmetic Repairs – this is up to the discretion of the homeowner and realtor but if the fixes are easy and cost-effective, it’s almost always better to do them yourself before putting the home on the market. It’s important to know that a home is well taken care of and if the aspects of the home that need to be fixed are minor or just cosmetic fixes, they are worth the money for both the seller and buyer to have done.

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Major Repairs – These are listing price deductors but if the homeowner is not interested in fixing them, the home is still sellable. The condition of the home will always have an effect on the price, and it is important to make the seller understand that the more that needs done to the home means the less the price will be for the buyer to purchase the home. This could also mean the home loses that competitive edge compared to other homes – but a sale is a sale.

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Highlight The Positives Of The Property

Rather than focusing on the negatives, make the seller and potential buyers see the value in the home by highlighting the positive aspects of the property. This can make your property more attractive to buyers and allow for good advertising speaking points when selling the home. These can include the location of the home, school zones, property or home size, or that the home can be customized to the buyer’s liking.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

As a realtor, you want to keep those honest conversations frequent between you and your client, as well as with potential buyers. While it is important to highlight the positives, be careful not to downplay the negative aspects of the home as well. Keep the buyer informed on what has and has not been done to the home to fix existing problems in the home. If the buyer asks about doing a home inspection, do not hesitate to invite them to do so. Keeping transparency and honesty about the property you are representing on all levels will pay off in the end. This honesty-first practice gives you more credibility as well.

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Home Inspections Can Help Identify Repair Recommendations

Having a pre-listing inspection done on your fixer-upper can help create a comprehensive list of repairs, from minor cosmetic issues to major and must-do repairs. With an inspection completed before listing the home, you can make recommendations to your client on any repairs that should be done or how they will affect the asking price if they go uncompleted. A pre-listing inspection can also be provided to potential buyers with an “as is” clause on the sale of the home. This helps with open and honest communication between your seller and all potential buyers.

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