The main purpose of getting a home inspection is to have it assessed for potential structural issues and major repair needs. Inspecting for issues that may not be visible, helps homeowners and home buyers ensure their home is in as good of shape as their exterior leads on.

When Should I Have a Home Inspection Done?

You should request a home inspection when you

  • Are buying a home so you have a complete picture of your new investment.
  • Are selling your home and want to ensure the sale goes through without any surprise issues.
  • Notice any structural issues forming in your home, such as those mentioned here.
  • Following any flooding or a natural disaster that caused damage to your home.
  • Looking into purchasing a second home, rental, or other investment property.

The Importance of a Home Inspection

Some benefits of a home inspection include:

Reveals Hidden Issues

Wear and tear to a home over time or poor-quality workmanship can lead to disastrous damage, especially if issues like leaks, water intrusion, or foundation issues go unnoticed. A home inspection can help you learn more about your home and any hidden issues—or before you buy one with issues. Home inspectors examine harder to reach areas and are trained to notice things that are amiss a regular person may not realize is a concern.

Can Save You Money

While you pay for a home inspection, they are quite affordable—especially when you consider the potential costs of buying a home with major issues or continuing to live in a home with major problems.

Be Informed

Home inspections provide thorough information about a home, not just potential repairs. You can learn about how the systems of a home function, the age and life expectancy of appliances or other major components (like the roof), and important considerations you need to know about the home.

Protect Your Investment

By having a home inspection done, your can discover if there are any things that need to be addressed before you purchase (or sell a home) or if the home has a clean bill of health. By taking care of the home by conducting important repairs, you know your investment is being protected.

Peace of Mind

Not all home inspections uncover a major issue, but what they can do is provide peace of mind about your purchasing decision. You can know for sure if the home you want (or have) is free of structural issues, mold, or major repair needs.

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