Buying a home is a process and the relationships you have with your buyer’s agent and home inspector can help make the process move along a lot smoother. It is important to have a positive relationship when working with a home inspector or real estate agent.

You and Your Buyers Agent

Your buyer’s agent is your form of guidance when it comes to buying your home. They will set you up for success through the whole process, form finding home to look at to making the final purchase of the home you choose. Your buyer’s agent should be your main contact when it comes to anything regarding your search for a home.

Your buyer’s agent will also help you determine when you want to schedule your home inspection. An experienced buyer’s agent will most likely have home inspectors that they suggest from their network (although you are welcome to choose any company you wish).

You and Your Home Inspector

Your buyer’s agent may be your source of guidance, but your home inspector will be your right-hand man when it comes to the ins and outs of the home you decide on. Your home inspector will give you an expert opinion on the status of your property. Once your home has been inspected, their feedback is going to play a big part in deciding what is next for you and your home. The home inspector will provide both you and your real estate agent with the information on the status of the house.

A home inspector cannot offer you their opinion on the house or provide you with home buying advice. Home inspecting is the only goal of their job and once that is done, they do not offer any more information to you or your buyer’s agent that requires their opinion. Their job is to give you and your buyer’s agent objective information that helps you decide what is next for you and your home.

After the information is relayed from the inspector to you and your agent, you then can make decisions on the property. You buyer’s agent will most likely have experienced other homes that have some similar conditions to yours and they can help you further with advice and making the decision best for you.

You’re the Final Decision Maker

At the end of the day, it is your home. The buyer’s agent and home inspector will not be the ones purchasing and living on the property; therefore, the final decision is yours. Your words are the final say on if you pursue the property or not. While you can take all the information you’ve been given by your buyer’s agent and home inspector into consideration, your decision needs to be made by yourself. No house is perfect, and every house needs a little bit of work so do not stress the small stuff. Lean on the information you have from your home inspector and the advice of your buyer’s agent to guide you towards the right decision.

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