Mold in a home or business can be both harmful to the structure of the property and those who are inside of the property. Mold is often very toxic and damaging on all fronts and having a mold inspection can help to prevent mold growth or cure growths that are present.

What Causes Mold To Grow?

Signs of water damage or water intrusion are the most common culprits of mold. Water intrusion and the damage it leads to are almost always never caught until the damage is already done and mold can appear in these areas far before the signs of the damage are visible. If a business/home has spots of softened drywall or has a musty smell, then it is showing telltale signs of water damage and should be inspected for mold.

What Is A Mold Inspection?

A mold inspection is a separate inspection from a home inspection or building inspection. It is a specialized inspection that goes beyond the visible areas of the property. A mold inspection should always be run through a certified inspector. The inspector will check both the inside and outside of the home/business to identify signs of mold growth and conditions that could cause a growth. Once the visible areas are reviewed the mold inspector will search hard to reach areas that could potentially hide mold growth within the home or business.

A mold inspection includes the use of a specialized infrared thermal imaging piece of equipment that can check behind and inside of walls. This tool can also check for humidity and temperature readings to see the possibility of mold growth in those areas. The mold inspection also includes the use of a radio-wave intrusion probe is used to find mold growths in areas of the home/business that are hidden or difficult to see from the outside.

The mold inspection will normally look in the following areas of the property where mold growth is common:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry rooms
  • HVAC
  • Attic

What Happens If Mold Is Found During My Inspection?

If the mold inspection finds mold behind a wall with the mold inspection equipment, a physical piece of the mold growth will be cut out of the area in a small section to see the depth and amount of growth. The inspector will then take notes, pictures, run tests on the mold and give the property owners a plan of actions for treating the mold they have found through, the mold inspection process. At the end of the inspection a mold inspection report will be filled out and a copy will also be given to the property owner.

Tampa Mold Inspections For Homes or Businesses

Looking to have your home/business inspected for mold? AcuSystem has a specialized mold inspection service that could help you identify and prevent mold growth on your property! AcuSystem Inspections is a home and business inspection company in Tampa “dedicated to assisting homeowners and commercial building managers to identify problems and provide remediation advice to recover from the damage mold can cause” (AcuSystem Inspections).

Every AcuSystem inspector is certified in mold inspections and has both a Florida home and build inspectors’ license. AcuSystem Inspections can be reached by phone 24/7 or by sending us a message through our website.