The Importance Of Construction Site Inspections

Construction site inspections are critical for ensuring that a project is progressing as planned and that construction is in compliance with regulations and industry standards. But what exactly is a construction site inspection and what should you know about the process? In this blog post, well provide an overview of construction site inspections and discuss the importance of having a thorough inspection process in place.

What is a Construction Site Inspection?

A construction site inspection is a systematic review of the progress and condition of a construction project. It’s typically conducted by an independent third-party inspector, who visits the site to assess and document the construction process, identify any potential risks or discrepancies, and ensure that the project is abiding by all applicable regulations and industry standards. The inspector will examine the project’s progress, measure, and check materials, inspect the quality of work, and take photographs or videos of the site. Depending on the scope of the inspection, they may also review records and ledgers, test systems, and assess the condition of structures.

Types of New Construction Inspections

Pre-Slab Inspection:

Prior to the pouring of concrete, we perform a pre-slab inspection to ensure that the foundation of the home is built on a solid structure. We review the planned slab thickness, load-bearing sections, installation of moisture barrier, placement of steel, and termite pre-treatment.


All lintels are inspected to check that they are correctly installed, tied, supported, and painted to reduce rusting before the cells are filled with grout.

Wall Sheathing:

The inspection of the installation and nailing of vertical wall sheathing before it is covered.

House Wrap:

Proper watertight installation of house wrap is verified through a review of joints and ensuring adequate lapping, proper nail or staple placement, coverage of sill plate and foundation joint, and proper drainage provisions.


the framing, truss installation, sheer wall construction, plumbing top out, electrical rough, and HVAC installation are inspected for accuracy and to ensure they meet local codes.


Inspection of the stucco lath and related accessories prior to stucco application to ensure the lath is correctly placed and fastened to the wall adequately.

In-Progress Stucco:

An in-progress stucco inspection to guarantee proper application methods are being followed.

Stucco Cores:

Examine for proper application of stucco through visual inspection and moisture intrusion testing.

Blower Door Testing:

To verify that the new construction is up to the newest Florida energy code, we perform a blower door test.

Building Final:

An inspection is completed for each trade when their work is finished and the structure as a whole is inspected.

The Importance of Construction Site Inspections

Construction site inspections help protect everyone involved in the project from potential risks and legal liabilities. They also provide a valuable opportunity to identify any potential deficiencies and bring them to the attention of the contractor, so that corrective action can be taken before it’s too late. Site inspections also help ensure that materials, workmanship, and systems are up to code and are being installed correctly. This helps to reduce the potential for costly delays and rework and ensures that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Tampa Construction Site Inspectors

Construction site inspections are a critical part of the construction process and provide a valuable opportunity to identify potential risks and deficiencies early on. By having a thorough inspection process in place, contractors can ensure that their projects meet all applicable regulations and industry standards and save time and money by avoiding any costly delays or rework. AcuSystem performs a variety of home and building inspections across Tampa Bay and Central Florida, including New Construction Site Inspections.

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