Homeowner’s insurance is a vital way to ensure you aren’t at a loss for covering the cost of repairs should a storm or other event cause extreme damage to your home. Major home repairs are often extremely expensive, and homeowner’s insurance can help mitigate that cost. It is also beneficial if you lose your home entirely due to a disaster. For some insurance carriers, offering a policy may only be done if they believe your home is worth insuring (that repairs won’t cost more than your home). In order to show this, you may be asked to have a 4-Point Inspection done to verify the age and condition of major components to your home

What’s Inspected In A 4-Point

A 4-Point Inspection, or an insurance inspection, differs from a traditional home inspection. This type of inspection only looks at four key components of your home:

  • The Roof
  • The HVAC System
  • The Plumbing
  • The Electrical System

Why just the four parts? These are typically the most expensive things to repair and often are the cause for a homeowner’s insurance claim. For example, a problem with the home’s wiring could lead to a house fire or a failure of the plumbing or HVAC system could lead to water damage and mold growth. By requesting a 4-Point insurance inspection, your carrier can perform a risk assessment for your home and decide whether or not to provide homeowner’s coverage.

Why You Should Choose AcuSystem Home Inspections

Certainly, there are a good number of reputable home and commercial building inspectors available to you.  But wouldn’t you feel more secure about buying or selling a property if you could know nearly as much as the inspector does?  In other words, if you could learn about various systems and structural details, and be able to check into several issues yourself, wouldn’t that prove to be a more satisfying experience?

AcuSystem educates and makes maintenance recommendations at every step of the way.  Not only do we make it our passion to closely inspect every item in your home or building, we make recommendations your budget can afford.  Is there a way to save you money with some maintenance issues?  If so, we will be glad to help steer you in that direction.