As a home inspector, there is no say so on our side as to whether you (the real estate agent) should or should not attend the home inspections. There are both Pro’s and Con’s to attending and this decision is first made by the states rules and then made by the agent or what the homeowner wants.

In Florida, the real estate agent is not required to attend the inspection, but they are encouraged to attend with their client. Listing agent should attend with their seller if they have a pre-listing inspection and Buyer Agent should attend with their buyer if they have a pre-purchase inspection. Sometimes it makes the seller feel better to have their agent show up to let the buyer and their agent inside with the inspector—or to have their realtor present in general.

How does attending the home inspection benefit you?

Working as a listing or buyer’s agent, being at your client’s home inspection is a big learning experience. Having all the possible information on the home allows you to best negotiate and rely information on the property. In the home inspection world, it is said that realtors can learn more by being at the home inspection than just reading the home inspection report.

If you do attend be mindful of the process and your place in this inspection. It is the home inspectors’ job to inspect and take control of the home. As the real estate agent, refrain from pointing out flaws of imperfections in the home; we are quite thorough and will mark all necessary concerns in our report. Your presence, like our own, shouldn’t sway your client one way or the other about the home sale. A home inspection is meant to be a way to help people understand their most expensive purchase.

Even if it is not required or requested that you be at the inspection, there are more pro’s than cons to you showing up. For a list of the pros and cons of attending the home inspection you can check out our blog article called “How Realtors Can Help Their Clients Prepare for the Home Inspection”.

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