COVID-19 has brought with it an unprecedented way of continuing our lives while managing the disruptions sheltering in place requires to break the curve of the pandemic. For many, this includes a disruption to their home buying process. Regardless of where in the process you are in completing your home sale or home purchase, real estate is considered an essential business operation in Florida at this point in time. This means you can continue with your transaction but may need to make adjustments moving forward.

COVID-19 Real Estate Precautions

If you have not had the opportunity to tour the home, you can arrange with your real estate agent to have a virtual tour conducted. There are numerous platforms to enable this communication, even live, so you can request a close up or go back and view a room or feature once more. Check with your real estate agent the precautions and actions they are taking during this time to maintain the real estate process and keep their clients safe.

Our home inspectors are continuing to provide all of our inspection services, including pre-listing home inspections and pre-purchase home inspections. We are taking added precautions and changing how we conduct the inspections, like asking our clients to skip attending the inspection in person. You can review what we are doing to help maintain the integrity of our inspections while promoting the health of our inspectors, clients, and the owners of the homes we are inspecting HERE.

Each of out home inspectors have also taken and passed specialty COVID-19 training provided by InterNACHI, an organization renowned for its certifications and training of home and property inspectors.

Should I Continue With The Purchase Of A New Home?

There are many things to consider before backing out of your home purchase, such as if the social distancing measured have affected your income in any negative way—whether it is a cut in hours, reduced pay, or a loss of a job altogether. Be honest with your lender and update them on the financial changes in your life. If there are concerns about whether you are able to afford your mortgage now, or months down the line, then opting for the finalization of the home sale may not be in your best interest.

On the other hand, if your position is considered essential, and you have not had a decline in income or hours, then taking advantage of the limited housing inventory and low mortgage rates may be in your best interest when considering the long-term investment of buying a home.

What Did Your Home Inspection Reveal?

While our process for walking through the home with our clients may have temporarily changed, we still perform thorough inspections, highlighting any major issues with the home or any of its systems as well as making notes about minor issues. You can use the home inspection report to negotiate repairs, a credit at closing, or plan head financially for any home repairs that are necessary after you purchase the home.

Continuing during the COVID-19 pandemic may be difficult, but it is still possible—and to stay healthy while doing so. Contact AcuSystem if you have any questions about how we are continuing to provide home inspections in Tampa Bay and surrounding counties or to schedule a home inspection so you can finalize your home purchase.