Not every home is the same and not every home inspection always goes according to plan. The 30 years of AcuSystems Inspections being in business there have been some pretty crazy experiences that our home inspectors have had while on a clients property. Those crazy experiences have turned into some great stories and in this article I am going to share the weirdest and scariest home inspections that I’ve encountered.

Stock images used to protect the privacy of homeowners and clients—but you get the idea!

Weirdest Home Inspection Ever – Pet Cemetery

A property I was inspecting out in Central Florida one day that was very old and getting ready to be sold as part of the estate of the late resident. I was called to inspect this home at the request of the estate’s realtor after having so many clients ready to buy the property back out when discovering bizarre holes in the basement’s concrete floor (“basement” being a loose term, the lower floor was built into the side of the hill and used like a traditional northern basement).

About 8 holes were found in the floor when I arrived and the reasoning for these holes was never found… until we were able to inspect some documents and speak with the late owner’s family members.

I turned in the inspection documents to the late homeowner’s children and they were able to clear up the motive behind the many holes in the cement basement floor. They explained to me the holes were all apart of the pet cemetery the whole family took part in. Apparently, every family pet they had owned that had passed was buried underneath the house. To the family of the late resident, having a pet cometary underneath the house was (surprisingly) not a weird concept. But to the prospective buyers, this burial site was not originally apart of the deal they were willing to sign up for and unfortunately backed out of the offer.

Old basement laundry room with old appliances.

Scariest Home Inspection Ever – Smoke Detector

Smoke mounted on roof in house with smoke an fire light. ideal for websites and magazines layouts

Smoke detectors are installed in homes as a preventative measure and are intended to keep us safe, but in this case this smoke detector caused more harm than anything.

A homeowner had just sold their house and moved out a day earlier than they were set to move. When they left their previous home, they did not turn off their electricity or air conditioning to enable the home inspection to be completed thoroughly.

When I first arrived at the home, the thermostat was set very low which would have been a good thing considering their inspection was on one of the hottest days of the year at that time. I started to smell smoke while inside the home and followed the scent to determine where it was coming from. In the upstairs bonus room, the condensation resulting from the low indoor temps and extreme outdoor temperature had caused the smoke detector to short out and catch fire! I exited safely and called the fire department. The fire was so bad the home almost burnt down due to the smoke detector shortage. Needless to say, in this case, the smoke detector did the complete opposite of what it is originally intended to do.

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