We are honored by the relationships we have with our colleagues in the real estate industry and any recommendation they provide to their clients for our services. We strive to provide outstanding service to all of our clients to ensure that we not only look good, but we also reflect well on those who refer us.

Residential Home Inspector Recommendations

In our experience of serving the home buyer industry, we have found that a lot people aren’t familiar with the work that goes into a thorough home inspection.  When an inspection is done on any building –especially a home – there are areas to be examined that call for diligence in getting to the relevant spots.  In other words, it takes hard work!

AcuSystem inspectors are trained to honor a Code of Ethics; we go further and deeper into each home to find the real condition of the house.  And we inspect multiple areas of concern.  By performing our inspections in an honorable way, remaining true to the inspector’s Code of Ethics, we ensure that if you recommend us to prospective homeowners, everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.

AcuSystem also offers homeowners a 90-Day Warranty on parts and equipment for the repair or replacement of appliance and major home systems.  And, if we miss a detail, ask about our Buy Back Home Guarantee that states if we miss anything in the inspection process, we’ll buy back the home at the full purchase price! If that’s not enough to show our commitment to our customers, we also uphold the InterNACHI $10,000 Honor Guarantee.

Recommending a Commercial Inspector

Just as it is with homes, commercial properties have their own sets of unique situations.  To properly inspect conditions within a commercial building, experts recommend the provider be certified by the American Society for Testing Materials.  AcuSystem is certified with this organization.  We know what to look for, and what to recommend.

Here is one of the services we provide that stands out from the competition: AcuSystem Inspections educates the consumer as we go along.  In other words, we don’t just go to various places in the structure to inspect. We explain where areas of vulnerability lie, while keeping you up to date with building codes and other vital information.  You are more than welcome to ask questions as we perform the inspection; in fact, it is highly encouraged.  By equipping prospective owners with the knowledge they need, every owner can feel more assured that key areas of concern were properly addressed during the inspection process.