Tips for preventing mold growth in your bathroom, kitchen, and other mold hotspots.

Mold infestation of the home can be a costly and disastrous event. In addition to the required repair to floors, walls, and damaged furniture, mold can also complicate existing health issues such as asthma or cause flu-like symptoms and respiratory issues after prolonged exposure.

It is vital to reach out to a professional mold inspection company if you suspect mold in your home.

How to know if I have mold?

Mold technically exists all around us, but it doesn’t begin to grow a colony until ideal conditions are met: moist, ideal temperatures, and an organic food source. Moisture is the primary condition that needs to be met and unfortunately, it can all to easily be met. You can read more about the causes of mold here.

The presence of mold can be determined based on its visual appearance but when you can’t see it, there are things that indicate its presence:

  • A musty smell
  • An uptick of allergies or sinus issues, but only while home
  • Softening of wood or drywall
  • Peeling of paint or wallpaper

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A home inspector who is licensed to conduct mold inspections can help confirm the presence of mold if any of the above signs are occurring.

How To Prevent Mold In The Home

If you have ever had mold grow in your home or you are looking to take precautionary steps to avoiding and preventing mold, then keeping excess moisture out of your home is key.

Here are a few tips to keep mold from taking root in your home by managing sources of moisture.

Use a Dehumidifier in the attic, bathrooms, garage, sheds, or other areas with a high level of humidity, especially if it shows signs of condensation. Portable dehumidifiers are great for removing the moisture from the air in problem areas. When a location cannot fit a portable dehumidifier, use an alternative product, like silica gel or moisture absorbing bags or tubs. The products may require more often replacement than the draining of a dehumidifier might need, but they are perfect for smaller spaces, like storage sheds or garages.

Turn on Ventilation Fans when cooking in the kitchen or in the bathroom when taking a shower. These vents help remove the moisture caused by the steam of a shower or cooking. When steam is redirected to the outside of the home, the inside of the home is protected against the growth of mold. While not always known, it is also important to allow these ventilation fans to continue to run at least 10 minutes after you are done cooking or bathing for the optimal removal of moisture from the air.

Routinely Inspect Your Home for moisture intrusion. Check the plumbing you can see for any signs of a leak and be on the lookout for water damage where plumbing cannot be seen (e.g., behind walls). Even the smallest leak can lead to mold, so if a leak is found it is important to take care of it quickly and ensure the area is well dried. Following heavy rains, get in the attic to inspect for signs there is a leak in the roof. You should also check the attic area or crawlspace to verify a tear in the ductwork is not causing moisture to build up. Bathrooms and under kitchen sinks are other common hotspots for mold and should be routinely inspected and thoroughly cleaned to keep mold from taking hold.

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Contact Tampa Mold Inspectors

When you find mold or suspect that it is growing where you cannot see it, contact AcuSystem Inspections to have a mold inspection completed. We service Tampa Bay and surrounding communities—even some as far as 50 miles away! We want Central Florida residents to know they have a reliable and respected mold inspection company they can turn to when they fear the worst—mold damage. Using thermal imaging and other technologies in addition to our continuing education, we help identify the presence and the extent of your mold problem.