In Florida, statutes allow construction companies to seek out third-party inspectors who can perform both plan reviews and building inspections. Often, waiting on these inspections can really slow down the construction time table. We don’t want that to happen for our customers. Our team at AcuSystem Inspections is equipped and qualified to handle these third-party inspections expediently.

This third-party inspection service verifies that what you are building is going according to plan. This option is designed for us to give you an objective and expert-driven assessment of how well your structure is progressing, according to the established building plan. This inspection service is different from County Building Inspections, which utilizes the services of your local building department representative to inspect the new construction and ensure the progress of your build is up to code.

“What’s the hold up?”

  • Too often, this is the lament of builders while hoping to stay on a deadline. AcuSystem Inspections understands the situation, particularly in Florida. We fully understand and appreciate the time constraints you must work under. We’re constantly adjusting our time tables to work more efficiently so we can get to you sooner – often within 24 hours of contacting us for an inspection.

  • Within this service, we offer nine documented inspections:

    Pre-Slab Inspection: Prior to the pouring of concrete, we ensure everything has been correctly prepared leading up to this step to help safeguard that the home you are building is on a solid foundation. This inspection includes a review of planned slab thickness, load bearing sections, installation of moisture barrier, placement of steel, and verification of termite pre-treatment.

    Lintel: All lintels are inspected to ensure they have been properly installed, tied, supported, and painted to reduce rusting. This inspection is conducted prior to filling the cells with grout.

    Wall Sheathing: Before the wall sheathing is covered, we inspect the installation and nailing of the vertical wall.

    House Wrap: Verification of proper, water-tight installation including a review of joints and ensuring adequate lapping, proper nail or staple placement, coverage of sill plate and foundation joint, and proper drainage provisions.

    Frame: The framing, truss installation, sheer wall construction, plumbing top out, electrical rough and the HVAC installation are all reviewed in this inspection to ensure the installation matches the construction plans and meets all local codes.

    Lath: Prior to the application of stucco, the stucco lath and related accessories are inspected to ensure the lath is correctly placed and fastened to the wall, and that it will provide adequate waterproofing for the stucco application.

    In-Progress Stucco: This inspection is conducted during the course of stucco application to ensure proper application methods are being adhered to, and to correct improper applications before they cause long-term building issues.

    Stucco Cores: Verification of proper application of stucco through visual inspection and moisture intrusion testing.

    Building Final: An inspection for each trade (i.e. building, electrical, plumbing, etc.) upon completion of their work.

Our goal is to reduce your production cycle time while also partnering with you to improve the quality of your build. Through this partnership, we can help you to minimize your liability and risk for litigation – right now and down the road.

If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule an inspection in one of these nine areas, we recommend you call us today at (813) 633-8000 and speak with one of our representatives. Or, fill out the form to the right and we’ll reach out to you.