Home Maintenance Inspections are essentially the same as home inspections that are conducted prior to purchasing a home—but are intended for current homeowners to stay aware of the ongoing needs of their property. These inspections will investigate and report on the major systems and areas of your home, providing advice on general upkeep, maintenance that is required, or coming repairs to expect.

Unlike a pre-purchase home inspection, you won’t have anyone to negotiate repairs over aside from yourself; however, Home Maintenance Inspections are an easy yet thorough way to gather a professional home maintenance to-do list. The report ranking the most important repairs as well as minor maintenance tips to keep all aspects of your home in smooth running order, allowing you to tackle any task you choose first.

How Often Should I Have A Home Maintenance Inspection?

Some factors may influence how often a home maintenance inspection may be needed – older homes may need them more frequently to stay on top of major repairs and aging systems while new construction homes can go several years without needing one. At a minimum, home maintenance inspections should be conducted every three to five years to help homeowners catch issues before they turn catastrophic.

Why Have a Home Inspector Conduct a Home Maintenance Inspection?

Home inspectors are an unbiased third party that is solely hired to review your home—not to conduct any repairs; so, they aren’t motivated to rank issues any higher on your to do list. Not all contractors are dishonest, but they may put more of an emphasis on sooner repairs in order to be hired for a repair job. In addition, conducting inspections are the primary task of home inspectors and they are certified and licensed to perform a thorough home analysis.